Three resources from Premier League Primary Stars to encourage discussions on wellbeing in the classroom or at home

Pupil wellbeing is a top priority for teachers and Premier League Primary Stars is supporting discussions about this topic with flexible and accessible resources that encourage pupils aged 5-11 to think about the importance of self-care and helping others.


Leading wellbeing practitioner Dr Hazel Harrison, Clinical Psychologist and Founder at ThinkAvellana, who works with Premier League Primary Stars, spoke about the importance of wellbeing as millions of pupils return to the classroom during current Covid-19 related uncertainty: “Supporting young people’s mental health is really important, perhaps now more than ever. A healthy mind has a direct link to increased engagement in lessons and building positive relationships with others.”


Helping teachers increase pupil knowledge and understanding of wellbeing through resources that are engaging is an important way to make school a more positive experience for everyone, now more than ever. Premier League Primary Stars resources help pupils explore themes around wellbeing through relatable concepts and the power of football.


Here are the top three wellbeing resources:


  1. Wellbeing – feelings and emotions Pupils are encouraged to identify the different emotions people typically experience, including during times of transition and change. Pupils will explore ways to take care of their own and each other’s emotional wellbeing, while learning that it is normal to experience different feelings at different times. In this pack teachers can also download an emotional check-in poster for their classroom!
  2. Wellbeing – managing our emotions We all experience emotions in different ways. Managing our emotions encourages pupils to talk about their feelings and emotions and to use what they have learned to identify changes that a character could make to their lifestyle to help their mind and body. This resource can be used as a standalone lesson or as a follow on activity from the Wellbeing – feelings and emotions pack. The resource pack includes an uplifting film that shows Premier League players expressing a range of emotions on the pitch. As part of the resource, players also give their personal tips on what they do to help manage their emotions.


      3. Premier League Wellbeing Stars: Pupils can watch videos that explore the concept of social action and then create their very own wellbeing week full of kind acts to support others’ wellbeing. To inspire pupils, teachers can download the special Wellbeing Stars Calendar, which features some of the kind acts carried out by the Premier League Primary Stars community as part of the challenge.


Premier League Primary Stars is here to help teachers support their pupils, whether that be in the classroom or at home. Wellbeing is also important outside of the classroom and these resources are designed to help engage families as well as being flexible and accessible for home learning.


Dr Hazel Harrison continues to discuss Premier League Primary Stars’ commitment to supporting wellbeing in more than 18,000 primary schools: “Alongside their resources that focus on improving pupils’ mental health, the Wellbeing Stars Calendar from Premier League Primary Stars is a great way for young people to spread kindness throughout their community, connect with others and focus on the good stuff.’’



All Premier League Primary Stars resources are mapped against the National Curriculum and are suitable for use in primary schools across England and Wales. All resources are free to download and can either be used off-the-shelf or tailored to suit teachers’ needs. Join over 50,000 teachers and sign up at