A very warm welcome to you all.

My name is Toby Johnson, I am the publication Director here at The Educator Magazine U.K.

In terms of our next issue, (MAY-AUGUST 2024)  it is historically one of the biggest issues of the year.

With an improved and simply unmatched magazine readership per issue, the coverage and exposure are huge for suppliers of products and services to U.K. Schools.

With our main audience being primary and secondary heads, deputies, bursars, business managers, and teachers of all U.K. schools and academies, the fit is absolutely perfect for you.

Here is a recent issue for your perusal.


  1. 1 x full page advert (worth £1,995)
  2. FREE 1 x full page editorial (800 words, worth £1,995)
  3. Exclusive early right hand position or within a relevant feature.
  4. FREE 1 X 300x300px advertising button on every page of our website for 4 months (worth £250 per month)
  5. FREE 1 X School directory listing for 6 months (worth £495)
  6. FREE 3 X press releases to appear online promoting what you are doing throughout the year.
  7. FREE 3 X Promotional Tweets (created by you) and sent by us from our X account which has over 24,000 followers, for 4 months.
  8. FREE 1 X entry into our competition to win 12 months advertising (worth £5,000.)
  9. FREE 1 X professional design and layout service (normally £200 per day)
  10. FREE 1 X product review to run in an issue of your choice within 12 months.
  11. FREE 1 X Digital Video embedded into your advert.
  12. FREE 1 X Front cover logo

For a 1 issue booking (4 months) the entire 12 tier package above is normally offered at over £5,000, however, I am offering it to relevant companies at just £995 saving you a huge amount.

For a 2 issue booking (8 months) the entire 12 tier package is offered to you at just £750 per issue, saving you a huge amount.

If you wish to book for 3 issues (12 months) the cost is just £550 per issue, giving you an enormous saving and package.



We have exclusive access to over 506,000 up to date email addresses of educational professionals within schools, academies, universities, colleges and more across the U.K. which comply with latest GDPR regulations. The solus email is designed by you entirely, and does not carry any other branding apart from your own, for complete exclusivity. You choose the job titles you want to target (for example; Heads, Deputies, Bursars within all Primary and Secondary Schools). You then choose a date you want to send, and we do the rest. You will receive a detailed report with the results of the send after 7 days for analysing.

In terms of the statistics of the solus email sends, the results are ridiculously good just now.

We are happy to offer you 1 x solus email send to your chosen job titles and the cost is down from £1,495 to only £995 for 50,000 email addresses.

If you choose to book 3 Solus email sends at times of your choosing, the cost of each send is down from £1,495 per send to just £750.

You will receive a detailed report with the results of the send after 1 week for analysing.

Email me now on director@the-educator.org to claim your positions. – (If you have visited here via The Schools and Academies Show email, please quote the code “SAAS24” in your email, for a huge advertising discount and free subscription)

If you are exhibiting at Bett Show, please quote “BETTSHOWJAN24” for your huge advertising discount and free subscription.

Best regards

Toby Johnson – Publication Director

The Educator Magazine U.K.