The Educator Magazine U.K. is the industry’s trusted source of essential guidance, advice and news, for head teachers, deputies and teachers of all U.K. primary and secondary schools. We are also received on a named basis by all specialist education establishments.

The magazine is a reference tool for decision makers like head teachers and for those in the business of running schools. We are not limited to just the head teachers either, we have an enormous distribution to general teachers too and myriad of job roles within education. We are the definitive resource package in its field. With our huge new changes to our coverage and distribution for 2024, we command attention in the education industry.

With our partners, we aim to revolutionize the way that you provide education. With specially selected partners and established clients, our magazine is the must-have read for everyone delivering education.

Offering up to date views, latest legislation and opinions from governing bodies, including the DofE, The Educator Magazine U.K. gives the senior leadership team decision makers a fresh view on how other schools go about their business.
Informative interviews, fascinating insight as well as various current and generic features throughout the year will ensure reader captivation, advertiser trust, and of course results.

As well as the above, The Educator Magazine U.K. provides a platform for opinions and new innovative ideas for schools through our case studies, interviews,  and guidance from all primary and secondary schools and academies in the U.K.

The Audience

  • All U.K. head teachers within primary, secondary schools and academies, as well as SEN + PRU establishments
  • All deputy head teachers
  • All teachers and teaching assistants
  • All Bursars
  • All Business managers
  • All members of the SLT’s

The Distribution
• 155,500+ Digital email versions (from 2024 this will increase to over 275,000 per issue)
• 52,,000 Newsletters (every month)

The Breakdown

• 21,398 – Primary Schools – heads, deputies, teachers. (155,000+ copies per issue)

• 3,941 – Secondary Schools – heads deputies, teachers. (15,000+ copies)
• 1,902 – Specialist – physical disability, autism, B.E.S.D (11,500 copies)
• 1,000 PRU +Other – (Multi – Disciplinary) (3,500 copies)