The Skills Network repositions to revolutionise online learning industry

The Skills Network, one of the UK’s largest technology and content houses, has repositioned its brand to drive a new vision of transformative learning, sustainability solutions, and make online learning experiences more enjoyable and accessible to everyone.


The online learning provider is revolutionising its business model through various developments, such as enhancing the future of education through its use of extensive learner insights and most notably, its commitment towards listening to market demands. With growing demand to learn skills in sustainability and eco literacy, courses have since been developed to reflect this.


Having created award-winning content for over ten years, The Skills Network is levelling up through using learner insights and modern technology, to create the ultimate bespoke learning experience at scale. In line with the ongoing transformation of learning, a huge brand focus is on course accessibility and inclusion of generational nuances.


After in-depth research and greater understanding of its learners’ behaviour, the online learning provider has enhanced its technology and content whilst adapting its online experiences for every kind of learner from varying generations, genders, abilities, and backgrounds.


The rebrand is changing the perceptions of The Skills Network, reintroducing an avant-garde “technology business” that delivers the highest quality learning and skills to both the education and business-to-business sector while also providing to individual learners.


Driving the vision of transformative learning, The Skills Network is introducing a new predictive analytics tool, developed in response to the 2019 updates to the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF), new courses in sustainability, tailor made to reflect the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as content tailormade for different generations dependant on preferred learning styles.


Kyle Fedyszyn, Director of Ecommerce and Marketing said: “The business is evolving like never before and with our latest technology and commitment to listening to the market, we recognise the needs of those working in education and the importance of adapting the way in which individuals can access learning.


“With the latest news on job vacancies being at a record-high due to the widening skills gap, our recent Skills Trend Report has helped reveal where the current skill shortages lie. Using this insight, our future business model will ensure the relevant courses are developed to help learners gain qualifications for the most in demand skills.


“Our rebrand is also dedicated to listening to our learners, which is why we’ve developed a sustainability course in response to the growing need of training and resources in this area. We all have a social responsibility, and at The Skills Network, we’re proud to be in a position to educate other businesses, schools and universities on ways energy usage can be managed and monitored.”