New research reveals where in the UK teachers are paid the most, with Scottish teachers receiving the highest annual salary, outside of London.

The research, by Promethean, studied the annual salaries of full-time employees in teaching and education professions, by analysing how these compare across regions in the UK, and also on a global scale. 

The regions where teachers earn the most in the UK 

Rank Region in the UK Average annual salary for teachers
1 London £43,488
2 Scotland £41,350
3 Wales £40,038
4 North West £39,973
5 South East £39,447
6 South West £39,050
7 East £38,681
8 East Midlands £38,291
9 West Midlands £38,032
10 North East £36,793
11 Yorkshire and the Humber £35,306
UK average £40,038  


Findings from the study include: 

  • While London ranked highest for the highest-paid salaries for teachers in the UK, Scotland was the second highest paying region for the education sector, with teachers and educational professionals earning £1,312 more than the UK average annual teaching salary. 
  • Yorkshire and the Humber reported the lowest salaries among teachers and educational professionals in the UK, with an annual average salary of £35,306.
  • Outside of London, the second highest paying region in England is the North West, with teachers earning up to £39,973 per year. 


For the full research, including the top ten countries with the highest-paid teaching salaries in the world, please see here: ​​