Show-me boards launches new eco-friendly Stay Clean whiteboard

Show-me boards, supplier of classroom mini whiteboards and accessories for over 20 years, is evolving its offering to meet the demands of a more eco-conscious consumer with the launch of its Stay Clean Technology.

The majority of mini whiteboards available on the market are made from either PVC or MDF, but Show-me has developed a patent pending solution that manufacturers boards from Polypropylene, which is a by-product of the petro-chemicals industry.

“The problem with using MDF or PVC is the many unsafe chemicals such as lead, Chlorine, Formaldehydes and other nasties used in production. In addition, the supply chain which is usually shipping in from China, has a huge carbon impact.”

Says Show-me Product Director Alfie Temple.

To drive down their environmental impact even further, Show-me moved their production to the UK at a state of the art, low energy factory, with all manufacturing materials sourced within Europe with minimal distance travelled.

Following the rise of hygiene awareness post-Covid, the Stay Clean surface is also fully antimicrobial, killing germs on contact for the lifetime of the board. Ideal for busy classroom environments.

“The new Stay Clean surface is also full recyclable, so you can either recycle in your usual plastic bin, or take part in our Show-me recycling scheme which turns your old boards into usable products like benches, buttons and even Bee saviour cards! These have little ‘wells’ for sugary solution to be put in to revive tired bees, and positively impacting the environment even further.”

Show-me have even gone a step further, by redeveloping their whiteboard cleaner into a refillable solution, to save on both the shipping of bottles and the plastics used to make them.

Show-me also support the local community by outsourcing their packaging requirements to Onward Enterprises, a local Community Interest Company which gives supported work opportunities to many disabled or less abled people who would otherwise struggle to find work or fulfilling occupation.

As Alfie says “When you purchase a Show-me kit, you aren’t helping to maintain a machine, you are giving dozens of people amazing life opportunities, from the assembly of the kits, right through to the impact they have in the classroom.”