Global EdTech Company Discovery Education Opens New HQ in Bath

Discovery Education – the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place –  has unveiled its new UK and International headquarters in Bath, Somerset. The new offices in Palace Yard Mews were officially opened by Jeremy Cowdrey, CEO and Howard Lewis, UK and International Managing Director at a special ceremony yesterday, 23rd May 2023.


Discovery Education’s relocation from London to Bath follows the company’s acquisition of Bath-based Doodle Learning in August 2022. The new Bath HQ houses more than 50 members  of Discovery Education’s UK and International teams focused on delivering the company’s award-winning digital learning services, including Espresso, Coding Health and Relationships and DoodleLearning to millions of students worldwide.


Jeremy Cowdrey, Discovery Education’s CEO said:


“Discovery Education’s UK and International office plays a pivotal role in our global business. We’re excited to open this new HQ in Bath, a thriving city and growing centre for technology and innovation here in the UK.”


Howard Lewis, Discovery Education’s UK and International Managing Director said:


“Discovery Education is proud to expand our presence here in Bath. The city’s vibrant tech scene makes it feel like a natural home for us and we’re excited about the opportunities it creates. We’re committed to working with the local community to promote the tech industry, develop future talent and encourage positive change for young people.”


Earlier this year, Discovery Education committed to a two-year partnership with Bath-based charity Mentoring Plus, to raise funds to support young people experiencing challenging situations. Discovery Education has also taken part in a number of local community initiatives, such as the Bath Digital Festival, and recruits interns and placement students from The University of Bath – University of the Year in the 2023 Times Good University Guide.


Attending yesterday’s opening ceremony in Bath were: CEO Jeremy Cowdrey, UK and International Managing Director Howard Lewis, CFO and COO Brian Shaw, CPO Pete Weir and Product Development Director Tom Minor – who founded DoodleLearning in 2011.


The new HQ is just 80 minutes by train from London and a short drive from Bristol Airport, making it easily accessible for partners from across the UK and beyond.


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Findings explore impact of technology on social-emotional learning, the future role of educators, and student preferences


(Blackburn, 19th May 2023) Promethean, a leading global education technology company, has released its seventh annual State of Technology in Education report. The survey of UK educators and, for the first time, pupils, offers insights into the use of technology in schools and its impact on the well-being factors that make up the staff and student experience.


According to the research, educators believe social-emotional learning (SEL) has become less of a priority in schools – with 6% fewer respondents saying it’s a key part of their school’s strategy compared to last year’s report. However, most are largely confident in technology’s ability to support SEL (57%), noting how it improves student engagement (71%) and strengthens collaborative or community-based learning (69%). However, the findings showed that almost a third (29%) of schools are yet to implement any SEL-dedicated measures at all.


The report also shed light on the benefits technology provides to educators, with improved student engagement (71%) and behaviour (63%), and its ability to support experiential and immersive learning (67%), cited as the key plus points. Many pointed to the advantage that more novel edtech innovations, like AI, provide to schools, with 98% saying they welcome these types of technology.


Revealing insights into pupils’ approaches to technology for the first time, the report found that students are resoundingly confident in the technology and its benefits, with 88% saying they enjoy using it in class. Reasons range from helping them connect with peers (83%), making topics more interesting (83%), helping them to focus (83%), and helping them to better understand different subjects (92%). Of the technologies available to students, tablets (59%) outweigh smartphones (30%) in terms of preference. Meanwhile, robotics and coding (25%), and virtual and augmented reality (17%) are growing in popularity, but the results show that many young people are yet to feel entirely confident in their use.


“After the turbulence of 2020 and 2021, educators had an opportunity to rebuild a consistent and structured school experience without the risk of sudden closure,” said Jennifer Foreman, chief marketing officer at Promethean. “As part of our seventh annual report, we wanted to see how educators redefined learning, taking forward what had worked well when it came to the use of technology during the lockdown era, and how pupils have responded to that.


“What we’ve learnt is that both educators and their pupils are embracing technology – not only how it supports lessons, but also interactivity between peers and students’ emotional needs. Educators are becoming more adept at selecting technologies that complement the curriculum and as a result, digital learning is becoming much more fluid. While there is always room for improvement, it’s clear that technology continues to add value to the learning experience and support student achievement, and we anticipate next year’s findings will continue to support that theory.”


Promethean’s UK State of Technology in Education report can be downloaded at




A male teacher sits supervising a group of children who are working on whiteboards and digital tablets. 

In celebration of National Numeracy Day , Discovery Education  – the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place – is providing primary schools with dynamic digital resources to make maths learning fun.


Taking place on 17th May, National Numeracy Day aims to help people feel more confident with numbers. In support of this, Discovery Education has curated a collection of engaging resources encouraging children’s enjoyment of maths. Exploring numerical reasoning and problem solving in a fun and approachable way, the resources are designed to develop students’ core numeracy, giving them skills for use in the classroom and beyond.


Available via the award-winning digital learning service Discovery Education Espresso, and Discovery Education’s DoodleMathsthe curriculum-matched content also puts maths in a real-world context, helping students to see how it relates to their everyday lives.


Suitable for students from Foundation to KS2, the National Numeracy Day resources will provide teachers with lesson plans, videos and activities to bring maths to life. 


The Discovery Education Espresso resources include:

  • NEW Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check – an exciting range of games, interactives and challenges to help pupils secure key facts and improve speed of recall
  • NEW Arcademics Channel – a fun collection of multiplayer maths games that focus on addition, multiplication, division, algebra, and much more
  • Premier League Football Channel – match results, top scorers and the league table are updated weekly to enable pupils to investigate the maths behind the beautiful game
  • Muddy Maths – an exciting channel that encourages EYFS pupils to explore numbers, measures and patterns around them through videos, books and interactive challenges
  • EYFSKS1 and KS2 Maths –  channels that are home to a wealth of engaging resources to develop pupils’ essential maths skills


The DoodleLearning resources include:


  • DoodleMaths– a revolutionary app which gives students a personalised programme tailored to their learning needs.  Using the latest adaptive technology , DoodleMaths is designed to boost children’s confidence and ability in Maths, equipping them with the numeracy skills they need for success
  • DoodleTables –  an interactive times tables app which uses fun exercises and games to help children master multiplications


Howard Lewis, Discovery Education’s UK and International Managing Director said:


“Discovery Education is proud to support National Numeracy Day by providing teachers with digital resources to make maths lessons fun. By making maths relevant and engaging, we can help even our youngest students to feel confident with numbers and give them vital skills for life.”


The National Numeracy Day resources are available to Discovery Education and Doodle Learning subscriber schools.


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ViewSonic EdTech Solutions Paving the Future of Education

Comprehensive Solutions of Interactive Displays, myViewBoard Ecosystem, and UNIVERSE Impressed the Visitors at BETT


ViewSonic recently showcased its full lineup of EdTech solutions at BETT 2023, demonstrating the applications for in-class, online, and hybrid learning. Visitors took in the company’s stunning 5K 105” ViewBoard interactive display, the 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit with its foldable screen, the latest UNIVERSE virtual campus, and myViewBoard software suite.

ViewSonic is widely recognized for its ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software suites, which are being implemented by educational institutions worldwide. In Q4 of 2022, ViewSonic was ranked first in the global interactive display market, and the myViewBoard ecosystem has now grown to over 8 million users as of early 2023. The latest collection of ViewBoard, ranging in size from 24” to 105”, and myViewBoard software suite were demoed at the show.

Among the standout products was the revolutionary 105” 5K ViewBoard, equipped with a conferencing camera and a 21:9 aspect ratio screen, making it the ideal tool for hybrid learning. With the ability to divide the screen into two screens, teachers can simultaneously use the whiteboard and play video. The collaborative capabilities were on full display, with in-person and remote students easily collaborating. Attendees were able to witness firsthand how the ViewBoard can enable seamless communication and effective learning, whether in-person or remote.

ViewSonic also exhibited ViewSonic Originals, a collection of ready-made content for teachers to easily create digital interactive lessons, and in-class gamification and social-emotional learning from collaborations with partners. In addition, the myViewBoard Manager and environment sensor box allow schools to manage devices remotely and create an optimized learning environment.

The 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit was another standout device on display. At the booth, the 135” LED plug-and-play display was connected to a 24” smart podium to showcase how teachers can intuitively write on and use the podium’s touch display and then project their work to the 135” display in real time. Its impressive foldable design allows the large screen to fit into a large passenger elevator, freight lift, as well as its movable flight case, making transportation between locations easier.


Moreover, visitors at BETT 2023 also took in the UNIVERSE virtual campus to immerse themselves in an exceptional 3D learning environment that transformed them from passive spectators into active participants. This virtual campus platform allows teachers and students to create personalized avatars and interact as if they were in a physical classroom, enhancing student engagement, promoting collaboration, and fostering a sense of community among learners. By effectively addressing some of the primary challenges of online education, the UNIVERSE virtual learning platform has received recognition with two distinguished EdTech Awards.

In addition to the innovations, ViewSonic also shared its latest success stories that highlighted the benefits of its EdTech solutions in educational settings. For example, Bardwell Primary School in Suffolk improved their digital learning environment through ViewBoard and myViewBoard solutions, while Heathfield Primary School increased productivity by enabling their IT staff to remotely manage myViewBoard displays using myViewBoard Manager; St. Joseph’s R.C. Primary School used the UNIVERSE to foster a more collaborative and interactive learning environment, ultimately resulting in an increased sense of belonging among students.   




In celebration of Earth Day 2023, Discovery Education is providing primary schools with a vast array of digital resources inspiring exploration of the natural world and environmental stewardship. Available via Discovery Education’s award-winning Espresso learning platform, this collection of high-quality digital content has been curated by Discovery Education’s team of curriculum experts. Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. 


Taking place on April 22nd, Earth Day is an annual, global event reaching 1 billion people in over 193 countries. The 2023 theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ and Discovery Education’s Earth Day resources encourage children to reflect on the wonders of the Earth and the threats they face. Exploring topics such as global warming, ocean pollution, deforestation and overpopulation, this curriculum-matched content is curated in a special Earth Day Channel, which allows teachers to find relevant resources quickly and easily.


Suitable for students from Foundation to KS2, Discovery Education’s Earth Day resources include:


  • The ‘Home’ Impossible Field Trip:

A new, interactive experience taking pupils on a journey from the newly colonised Moon, back home to Earth. Driving across the moon’s surface in a lunar rover before docking with an orbiting space station, pupils are guided to reflect on the significance of planet Earth as a home for everyone. Supporting resources help contextualise the experience and provide guidance for paired discussions on this important topic.

  • Earth Day Assemblies

Celebratory assemblies for Key Stages 1 and 2 help teachers set the scene for Earth Day and comes complete with scripts, slideshows and question prompts.

  • Dynamic Video Content

A newly curated library of content that’s ideal for use as lesson starters, covering a wide range of real-world themes such as climate change and the United Nations Green Goals. Pupils can even witness the view from the International Space Station.

  • Classroom Activities

A range of activities that explore how we can celebrate and protect our planet. Through paired discussions, pupils are encouraged to identify and learn about threats our planet faces and use their voices to advocate for change.


The Discovery Education Earth Day resources are closely mapped to the National Curriculum, helping teachers to meet curriculum objectives in Science, Citizenship, Geography and British Values at KS1 and KS2.

In addition, Discovery Education’s users can integrate these resources directly into real-time assessments through the platform’s innovative Quiz feature. Teachers can also integrate the content into presentations using the resource’s Studio feature. Learn more about all of the flexible features of the Discovery Education platform here. 


“Our planet is an endless source of wonder and inspiration for us all. This Earth Day, with Discovery Education resources in hand, primary schools can inspire pupils to discover the importance of protecting our environment,” said Howard Lewis, Discovery Education’s UK and International Managing Director.


The Earth Day resources are available to Discovery Education subscriber schools via Discovery Education Espresso, the curriculum-centred daily learning platform for primary schools.


Explore Discovery Education’s award-winning digital learning services at



OxEd and Assessment wins Early Years BETT Award for LanguageScreen

A groundbreaking app which allows teachers to identify language difficulties in young children has won a prestigious BETT Award.

OxEd and Assessment’s LanguageScreen was awarded first prize in the Early Years Digital Product or Service category at the BETT Awards 2023 in London last week.

From the creators of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), LanguageScreen allows nurseries and primary schools to accurately assess for oral language difficulties using a fast, fun and intuitive app. Based on extensive University of Oxford research into learning development, LanguageScreen is scientifically proven to help teachers identify children in need of support and intervention.

LanguageScreen draws upon decades of research into early language development by Professor Charles Hulme and his team. Using technology available in most schools, the easy-to-use test puts this research into the hands of primary educators, removing the need for paper-based assessments. LanguageScreen has already identified over 50,000 pupils who would benefit from additional support. The app also provides a standard that can be used to track pupils’ development as they progress through primary school.

The BETT Award judges said that LanguageScreen was “an excellent evidence-based resource that allows school staff great diagnostic insights into children’s development and identifies areas for precise intervention. It’s affordable, easy to use and time saving. An excellent resource tackling a very important area of need.”

Charles Hulme, Founder of OxEd and Assessment said:

“Language is widely recognised to be a foundational skill which is critical for a child’s academic and social success. Young children whose language development is delayed will often go on to struggle in other areas of education and their adult lives. We are delighted that LanguageScreen was recognised at the BETT Awards 2023. Early assessment of language skills means no child needs to be left behind.”

By using evidence-based educational assessments and targeted early intervention, schools can quickly and easily identify young children who have language or reading challenges and are in danger of falling further behind.

Assessment tools like LanguageScreen and the newly released ReadingScreen provide an accurate profile of each child so that progress can be tracked and targeted interventions, such as the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), can be used to help close the gap.

LanguageScreen was used in the DfE-funded national rollout of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) programme in England, launched in August 2020 as part of the pandemic catch-up programme. An independent evaluation of NELI found that children receiving the programme made the equivalent of three additional months’ progress in oral language skills.

To find out more about OxEd and Assessment’s educational assessment apps and interventions visit:

Xencelabs to debut new graphic pen display at Bett 2023

Bett attendees will get first exclusive look at Xencelabs Pen Display 24 in the UK

Xencelabs, the global organisation revolutionising digital drawing through its interactive display solutions, will be debuting its new graphic Pen Display 24 at Bett 29th-31st March 2023. 

Delegates at the event are invited to visit the Xencelabs stand located at stand NM50 to receive an exclusive UK demo of the new device.

The Pen Display 24 offers a cost-effective solution for education providers, not only is the device itself competitively priced, it also comes as a bundle with no need to purchase additional add-ons. While competitors’ devices typically include one pen and charge extra for tilt stands and quick key remotes, all of this is included in the cost with Xencelabs. What’s more, the products are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems and therefore can easily be configured to any existing setup. 

The Pen Display 24 offers a range of features and capabilities compared to competitive offerings, including:

  • Enhanced glare reduction and fingerprint resistance
  • An edge-to-edge drawing surface
  • A natural drawing experience that closely mimics the feel of paper
  • Pantone® Color and SkinTone™ validation 
  • Tilt Stand included at no extra cost 
  • VESA mount flexibility
  • Silent and fanless operation to prevent overheating and hot spots
  • Security slot for the Kensington MicroSaver® 2.0 lock, to reduce the risk of theft from the classroom
  • Two pens of different weight and thickness included with customisable buttons 
  • Quick Keys OLED remote with 40 programmable shortcuts included for easier navigation and better concentration.


The 24-inch digital drawing display expands the line of professional design tools to enhance the drawing experience, artists’ productivity and ergonomics, offering unrivalled workflow customisation to suit the needs of any design-focused classroom. 


The Xencelabs team of design focused individuals has spent many hours working with artists and educators, testing and uncovering valuable feedback, enabling them to design more advanced solutions over the leading competitors.

To book a demonstration of the Pen Display 24 with Xencelabs at Bett, please contact or simply visit the stand throughout the duration of the show.

EdTech investment alone is not enough: teachers need more training

  • 1 in 3 schools have already invested in new technology this academic year, compared to just 1 in 5 for the whole of the previous school year
  • EdTech is a clear priority for schools, as just 1 in 10 have not purchased any new EdTech since September 2019
  • But while 87% of teachers are using this new technology every day, some are making better, more frequent use of it

LONDON, 28.03.23 – Education technology, known as EdTech, is a top priority for schools as they continue to rebuild after the pandemic, according to data released today by Bett, the world’s largest EdTech event. The research, which polled more than 8,000 teachers in England, including private schools, revealed a third (32%) of schools have already invested in new technology this academic year, compared to just one in five (19%) in the previous school year and only 11% of schools have not invested in new EdTech since September 2019.

No data suggested that schools of different sizes, phases or Ofsted ratings have invested more or less in EdTech than on average. However, private primary schools were the most likely to have new EdTech installed this academic year (52%) while state primary schools were the least likely (30%) – suggesting that funding remains a significant limiting factor.

Despite the universal increase in EdTech investment, the research also revealed that some schools are better at deploying technology than others. 87% of teachers use EdTech in their classrooms every day, however some teachers tend to use it more than others. Private schools are the most likely to use EdTech on a daily basis (93% vs 87% average) and the same is true for “outstanding” Ofsted-rated schools (89% vs 85% for “good” Ofsted-rated schools), suggesting that some schools are in need of better support and education to make the best of the tools they have.

Louisa Hunter, Portfolio Director for Bett at Hyve Group comments: ‘While it is fantastic to see schools investing more in EdTech, the data has highlighted how teachers need more support in how to use technology effectively in the classroom. If schools and governing bodies take the time to learn how to make an impact with tech and really upskill teachers on the EdTech they have introduced, we will see a greater return on investment in terms of tech implementation in classrooms and, in turn, greater student achievement.’


This is particularly topical as this year Bett will be debuting its new offering, Connect @ Bett, which will allow educators to meet, knowledge-share and connect with solutions providers to help integrate the right technology in schools.

BETT 2023: ViewSonic to Debut Expanded EdTech Solutions Across UNIVERSE Virtual Campus and myViewBoard Ecosystem


ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and education technology (EdTech solutions), has
revealed the latest iteration of UNIVERSE by ViewSonic the virtual learning platform at the BETT Show
2023 (British Educational Training and Technology Show), with the immersive 3D platform now
incorporating subject-specific Thematic Classrooms and class performance metrics for educators
In the pursuit of providing educators with total solutions for digital learning, the company is also
showcasing diverse pre-made digital lesson content from ViewSonic Originals, along with the latest
ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software suites. Attendees will be able to
experience cutting-edge solutions across different scenarios.

“ViewSonic is continuing to implement our “Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)” strategy to create a
digital education ecosystem. While we’ve seen increased digitization in education, the technology
being used doesn’t necessarily make full use of what’s possible,” said Kevin Chu, Director of
UNIVERSE Business Unit at ViewSonic. “We want attendees to see just how powerful a 3D virtual
campus can be when incorporated into digital learning. UNIVERSE ensures students and teachers
have access to solutions that harness the latest and most innovative technologies to enhance
online learning experiences.“

A Virtual Campus for Online Learning

ViewSonic has launched UNIVERSE in 2022 – a virtual learning platform that brings the benefits of
in-person learning to an online environment. Combined with intuitive controls and diverse features,
UNIVERSE has been helping to increase student engagement, encourage collaboration, and foster
a sense of belonging.

On the last UNIVERSE’s update, a new type of virtual space has been launched. The Thematic
Classrooms allow participants to explore interactive 3D environments built to help students learn
about specific school subjects. The first thematic classroom was designed for biology classes, where
students can interact with biological structures like blood platelets and nerve cells, providing a
more immersive way of understanding how these elements function in the body. Following the
release of the biology-themed room, ViewSonic will also launch thematic rooms based on subjects
like English, math, geography, and history. The new feature will be showcased during BETT.
ViewSonic has also introduced the new Portfolio tool in UNIVERSE, enabling teachers to access
class insights such as test results, attendance, and participation records with ease to streamline
class management.
Furthermore, UNIVERSE’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration allows educators to
seamlessly exchange information between different Learning Management Systems (LMS). Aiming
to provide a seamless learning experience and greater flexibility for both teachers and students, the
platform will soon be integrated with LMS such as Canvas and Blackboard.

Accessible Digital Learning Content

With increased digitization, teachers are faced with new challenges, particularly in developing and
implementing content for a digital curriculum. To accommodate the digital revolution, ViewSonic is
also demonstrating its newest feature for the myViewBoard platform, Originals, which provides
teachers with pre-made content to help them build engaging digital lessons.
ViewSonic Originals is broken down into four categories: Original Content, Backgrounds, Graphics,
and Online Games. In addition to an extensive library of teaching materials for all ages and subjects
ranging from interactive modules to full lesson plans, the database features an extensive collection
of backgrounds, images, and animations that are perfect for a range of topics and themes, allowing
teachers to add safe, copyright-cleared media to their lessons. By offering thousands of interactive
modules to full lesson plans, the company makes planning and running lessons easier for all those
in the K-12 age groups.

Innovation Across ViewSonic’s Range of Solutions

As a leading EdTech solutions provider, ViewSonic’s ViewBoard interactive displays and
myViewBoard software suites are being adopted by educational institutions around the world. At
ViewSonic’s booth, visitors can experience the latest 5K 105” ViewBoard IFP105S for hybrid
collaboration and the 24” touch monitor for “smart podium” solutions. In addition, visitors can also
check out the VB-CAM-201, which just got Zoom Rooms USB Camera Certification, improving
productivity and communications when videoconferencing. Meanwhile, the esports for education
zone will also be showcasing the latest Elite XG320Q gaming monitor during the show.
Furthermore, ViewSonic will be exhibiting an industry-leading 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution
Kit with a foldable screen. This design innovation significantly reduces the packaging size, making
transportation more convenient and easy to move, and ready for immediate use, which is perfect
for a range of short-term usage scenarios, such as lectures, events, and hybrid classrooms.
About ViewSonic
Founded in California, ViewSonic is a leading global provider of visual solutions with a presence in
over 100 cities around the world. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic is committed to
providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions that include monitors, projectors, digital
signage, ViewBoard interactive displays, and myViewBoard software ecosystem. With over 30 years
of expertise in visual displays, ViewSonic has established a strong position for delivering innovative
and reliable solutions for education, enterprise, consumer, and professional markets and helping
customers “See the Difference”. To find out more about ViewSonic, please visit

ITN renews contract to produce Discovery Education kids’ news bulletins

ITN has renewed its contract to produce Discovery Education’s news bulletins for primary school aged children for another five years.


The bulletins are produced by ITN’s news production team who have held the contract with Discovery Education since 2012. They form part of Discovery Education’s ‘Espresso’ digital learning platform for schools, which offers a variety of teacher tools for engaging students in learning, including videos and interactive resources that connect curriculum subjects to current events.


Called Espresso News, this tool brings the world’s biggest news stories to thousands of primary school classrooms every day.


ITN news production is one of seven distinct divisions at ITN, providing news footage and TV services for broadcasters, publishers and global video platforms. The team delivers a daily voiced bulletin to primary schools for the start of the school day, as well as a longer form weekly bulletin with studio links delivered in two versions that reflect the national curriculum key stages one and two.


The Espresso News bulletins cover a wide range of topics including climate change, the weather and natural events, fossils, archaeology, as well as PHSE and topical citizenship stories such as politics and migrants.


In 2023 so far, the bulletins have included a World Book Day special, which reflected events taking place in school across the UK; and heard from children about the books they love and why. As well as a signed bulletin to mark British Sign Language week. News stories covered this year have included the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, and the teachers strikes.


Tami Hoffman, Head of News Production and Archive at ITN said: 

“I am delighted that ITN will continue to produce the kids bulletins for Discovery Education – it is a product we are proud of. Media literacy has never been more important to support children and young people’s learning as they navigate the online world of mis- and disinformation. The bulletins demonstrate how high quality, impartial journalism can enrich and inform their understanding of the world around them.”


Howard Lewis, Discovery Education’s UK and International Managing Director said: 

“Espresso News offers powerful opportunities to bring current affairs and world events to pupils of all ages. We’re delighted to continue our partnership with ITN, which brings a world-class news service to thousands of children every day, connecting the learning in the classroom to the world beyond the playground.”