Learnosity using AI to create positive disruption within the assessment and learning space

Learnosity, the world’s most widely used assessment technology, is leveraging AI to dramatically change test creation—making it faster, more efficient, and dynamic. 


Learnosity, which was founded in 2007, has established itself as the industry leader and an early adopter of new technologies to deliver cutting-edge assessments at scale and across multiple industries. 


In what is the first of many planned AI applications from Learnosity, their new AI-assisted authoring tool is designed to be a ‘productivity booster’ – able to help test publishers save time on the administrative task of creating high-volume item banks and provide more room to focus on the real challenge of delivering high-impact learning programs. 


Gavin Cooney, CEO & Co-Founder of Learnosity said: “We believe AI represents an enormous opportunity in the field of assessment to provide a truly game-changing user experience for test publishers, educational platforms, and L&D professionals alike. Too often, an organization’s ability to deliver truly impactful, tailored, and inclusive learning is held back by lack of resources, time, and budget. By integrating AI into our assessment technology we can deliver greater value to educators, test creators, and learners. This really is a unique opportunity for the education industry to improve assessment quality and learning outcomes, and we’re excited to be part of that.” 


The new product from Learnosity is designed to assist assessment authors in creating questions from simple prompts and helping deliver formative feedback to learners. 


This ability to greatly reduce the workload and manual intervention required from individuals is just the start for everyone involved in the education space. With its deep understanding of what drives change within learning and assessment, Learnosity is uniquely equipped to go beyond authoring to deliver a full suite of AI-assisted tools that enable more organizations to easily scale their business, meet diverse learner needs, and focus on delivering powerful learning experiences.  


To learn more about Learnosity’s AI-powered product, click here.


About Learnosity 
Learnosity is the global leader in assessment solutions. Serving over 700 customers and more than 40 million learners, our mission is to advance education and learning worldwide with best-in-class technology. Our APIs make it easy for modern learning platforms to quickly launch fully featured products, scale on demand, and always meet fast-evolving market needs.