Promethean launches phase one of its next-generation software solution at Bett, with the goal of revolutionising lesson creation and delivery


Designed to equip and empower educators, Explain Everything Advanced and Explain Everything Whiteboard provide essential and effective tools for teaching and learning


(Bett, London: 24th January 2024) Promethean, a leading global education technology company, will debut its new Explain Everything Advanced software solution and the Explain Everything Whiteboard app at Bett (24-26 January 2024). Designed to revolutionise lesson creation and delivery, these two groundbreaking products offer teachers all the essential tools they need all in one place. 

Explain Everything Advanced is a comprehensive, affordable, web-based lesson creation and delivery software that makes it easier than ever to create captivating lessons that immerse students in a world of vibrant multimedia, real-time collaboration, and imaginative instruction.

The Explain Everything Advanced interface is simple and intuitive, so users will be able to pick it up right away. Customisable templates, a large library of shapes and clipart, and Promethean’s popular engagement apps allow teachers to easily create dynamic lessons that capture students’ attention. Popular online resources such as YouTube, Google, and Unsplash are just a click away.

Designed to be used for in-person, remote, and hybrid environments, Explain Everything Advanced allows teachers to record their lessons and then edit them using Promethean’s patented tool, so they can be shared with students anytime. Teachers can also drive their lessons on a front-of-class display using their own device, freeing them to move around the classroom and connect with their students.

Explain Everything Advanced will launch on 23 January, 2024, and Bett represents the first opportunity for teachers to get hands-on with the new solution.

Promethean will also preview the Explain Everything Whiteboard ActivPanel 9 app, a new digital whiteboard that will soon be included in the award-winning ActivPanel 9. With this release, Promethean has taken a major step in its mission to transform the way the world learns and collaborates. ActivPanel 9 users will soon have instant access to one of the most innovative and powerful whiteboard apps available.

The Explain Everything Whiteboard offers users an intuitive, comprehensive solution that is built right into the ActivPanel 9 ecosystem, making lesson preparation and delivery easier, saving educators time, and providing access to all of their teaching resources from one place. They can use their favourite Promethean ActivPanel 9 apps, such as Spinner, Timer, Screen Recording, and Screen Capture, simultaneously with the Explain Everything Whiteboard.

With expanded importing options and built-in content, teachers will be able to insert a wider variety of existing content than ever before. Instead of juggling a variety of apps and software programs, they can simply use the new feature-rich, ready-to-use whiteboard app that comes right on their panel.

“Our new Explain Everything solutions represent a step change in digital whiteboarding with the ActivPanel,” said Simon Port, regional vice president of sales, UKI at Promethean. “We’ve taken a root and branch approach to improving our digital whiteboarding options, and we’re confident that teachers will find a lot to love in both Explain Everything Advanced and the Explain Everything Whiteboard. We can’t wait to show off the new features at Bett – it’s not to be missed!”

For visitors seeking more insight, Promethean experts Janice Prandstatter and Anastasia Procner will deliver a Tech in Action session, ‘Explain Everything by Promethean – Teach the way you want’ on Thursday 25 January (16:15-16:35 p.m.), where teachers can learn how to create media-packed lessons to engage students like never before. The session will explore how to use the Explain Everything digital whiteboard to develop compelling lesson content, with a focus on interactivity and creativity. A live demonstration of the Explain Everything platform will give attendees a practical opportunity to get familiar with the software and ask questions to Promethean experts.

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