Two in five pupils feel safe at school – Criminal lawyer say teachers are on their own

Responding to the Department of Education’s latest statistics revealing only two in five pupils feel safe at school , David Hardstaff, General and Serious Crime Partner at BCL Solicitors, said:

“Violence in schools is on the rise and teachers are increasingly feeling abandoned by the state when it comes to defending themselves and others.

“The Department for Education’s woefully inadequate guidance on use of reasonable force has left many unsure of what they can and can’t do to prevent violence.

“Coupled with overzealous prosecutions of teachers who have tried to exercise their best judgement in the most challenging of situations, the message going out to teachers is that you are on your own.

“It is a desperate state of affairs when we fail to protect the same professionals we task with caring for children with often complex needs. Who would want to be a teacher in 2024?”