Professional body ICE pledges to boost students’ communication skills and foster interest in engineering careers with its 16-18s award

Now in its third year, the ICE CityZen Award has proudly partnered with professional training and coaching organisation Loud Speaker to give its 16-18-year-old participants confidence and skills for communicating online and face-to-face. A skill that will help them in their studies, careers, and everyday life.

The award was launched by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in 2021 to combat the future skills gap the civil engineering industry faces – with recent research by Engineering UK finding that around 16,000 additional civil engineers will be needed in the UK by 2030.

Taking part in the competition involves learning about how civil engineers are shaping the world, e.g., by addressing climate change. It also helps young people build the skills engineers need to work in teams and with stakeholders.

Cue Loud Speaker, who are experts at instilling confidence in young people at a crucial point in their lives, just as they’re on the cusp of exciting, but daunting new journeys in higher education or starting a career.

Calvin Eden co-founder of Loud Speaker undertaking a workshop at University of Liverpool.

Oba Akinwale, Commercial Director at Loud Speaker, said: “In today’s rapidly evolving world, it’s essential for students to be equipped not only with deep technical knowledge but also with the ability to communicate their ideas effectively. By teaming up, we are ensuring students also master the art of communication, a skill we at Loud Speaker passionately advocate for.

Through our collaboration with ICE, students will be empowered with both the technical prowess and the communication finesse they require. It’s this combination that will set them apart, allowing them to not just thrive in their careers but to lead and innovate. We’re excited about this journey and the potential it holds for tomorrow’s engineering leaders.”

The competition also offers Loud Speaker’s workshop ‘For Love or Money’ as a prize to 100 students at the Gold Award-winning school.

Calvin Eden (left) and Oba Akinwale (right) co-founders of Loud Speaker.

Séan Harris, Director of Membership at the ICE, said “We are absolutely thrilled to announce this exciting new partnership with Loud Speaker. At the ICE, our mission is to inspire the next generation of civil engineers, who in turn will tackle the global challenges of climate change while ensuring a sustainable future for all.

“By collaborating with Loud Speaker, we are taking our commitment to the next level, with the aim of equipping young people with the skills they need to study, work and excel in everyday life.

“Loud Speaker’s expertise in coaching young people in their communication and public speaking skills, will elevate the quality and perceptiveness of our students’ video projects for the CityZen Award.

“This partnership will also foster the development of practical skills, enabling students to showcase in their CVs and better promote themselves through their covering letters, enhancing their overall readiness for the world beyond the classroom.”

About the ICE CityZen Award

The competition takes place flexibly over the autumn term and is also supported where possible by a real civil engineer.

Students taking part play the CityZen digital game first, designed by a group of ICE’s Chartered civil engineers and digital creators Make Real, then use their learnings to come up with a great idea for a civil engineering scheme that could be made in their local area to improve lives and the environment.

The digital game, which has just been shortlisted for a Learning Technologies Award for Best Learning Game, features decision-making, and challenges students to complete civil engineering projects in a virtual city. To overcome the challenges, students must consider real-world factors such as budget, sustainability, and improving outcomes for people and communities.

ICE CityZen Award

Participating students compete for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards. Along with the Loud Speaker prize, winners of the Gold Award receive £2,000, also, JBA Trust, an independent charity will deliver an interactive learning session. Silver Award winners will receive £1,000 and Bronze Award recipients will win £500. All cash prizes are to be divided equally amongst team members and their school for STEM resources.

The top three prize-winning teams will also be invited for a VIP lunch with ICE’s President and a tour of the organisation’s prestigious headquarters at One Great George Street in Westminster.

To find out more and register to take part before the 4 October visit or email to join the ICE Education & Inspiration mailing list for future activity news.