Classroom space: how to maximise its potential

New research into the rising levels of pupil numbers in England suggests that nearly 13,000 more school classrooms will be needed in the coming academic year.


With September fast approaching, it’s time to consider how to maximise your school’s space so that you can accommodate the next generation of young learners.


Another point to consider is that excessive class numbers can lead to a negative learning environment with students finding it easier to disengage and harder to be heard.


So, what is the solution for conquering cramped classrooms? Ultimately, it’s in the way you use your available space. Your need to maximise your rooms capacity in a creative and tailored way that complements your subject and students.


I know what you’re thinking, where’s the money going to come from to help the school innovate its space and improve the student learning experience?


Don’t worry, with the Crown Commercial Services Framework for Furniture and Associated Services (RM6119, Lot 5) you can source a range of storage solutions that are both high quality and at a reasonable budget.


With leading British manufacturers such as Rackline on the approved list for quality, cost-effective storage solutions across the public sector, you can easily access its diverse range of products which can be tailored to suit your unique space.


Maximise your classroom’s potential and create a productive learning environment, with Rackline’s top five suggestions for the best school storage solutions:


Mobile shelving

An efficient storage system, mobile shelving is a stylish product that is perfectly suited to the learning environment. Optimise your school’s floor space with this convenient and movable solution that’s great for storing heavy loads while reducing the amount of room taken up by 50%.


Static shelving

Offering a wide range of static shelving options, Rackline can boost your storage capacity with a fully tailored product that meets your school’s specific needs. While it’s made from solid steel, the shelving is free from sharp edges which ensures you can safely store your items in a busy educational setting.


Tray shelving

Shelving systems are very versatile and can be fitted with tray support brackets to maximise storage capacity. Rackline can design and manufacture storage bays to accommodate any size of tray, from gratnells trays for the classroom to larger collection trays that are better suited to storing subject resources for art or science prep labs.



One of the most commonly seen storage examples in the education sector, lockers are popular for a reason. High quality, durable and secure, Rackline’s lockers deliver a functional personal storage system for both students and staff. Steel welded and riveted, the powder coated lockers come in a range of colours, you can even match them to your school branding.


Archive shelving

Ideal for heavy or bulky items, archive storage systems can help you to store items efficiently and neatly. Rackline’s archive shelving is great for organising gym equipment and storage cupboards allowing you to easily access and find what you’re looking for.


If you’re ready to maximise the potential of your students and classroom space, contact Rackline on 01782 770 144 or head to to transform your school’s learning environment.