Literary Guru Launches New Programme to Develop Children’s Vocabulary, Speech and Writing



Ros Wilson’s Talk:Write is the product of over half a century of teaching expertise

Created by Ros Wilson, Talk:Write is a system for developing language to improve both the quality of talk and the quality of writing of primary school pupils aged four to twelve.


A highly revered expert in education, Ros Wilson’s 55-year career spans teaching, consultancy, keynote speaking, and research. Talk:Write is the progression of all her previous work regarding the underpinning principles of the impact of talk on writing.


The easily accessible programme aims to raise standards in communication and enhance the range and richness of vocabulary and language structures for pupils in English speaking schools.


A key focus of Wilson’s career has been to analyse the direct correlation between socio-economic backgrounds and children’s writing in terms of their fluency and ambitious vocabulary. Talk:Write addresses this issue, building upon decades of research to improve the way children express themselves.


Fundamentally, Talk:Write aims to ensure all children can talk and write confidently in Standard English, whilst recognising and valuing pupils’ accents, local dialects, and languages.


Wilson believes this approach will support the creation or strengthening of a culture of oracy in schools and celebrate the different ways people speak.

Wilson said: “I’m delighted to be launching Talk:Write into UK schools. The project tackles issues that I’m extremely passionate about and it has been rewarding to draw on my own career experience to develop the programme.


“I have spent a lot of time in schools with children from challenging backgrounds, who face obstacles due to the ‘word gap’. I wanted to create a programme that supports learning in a fun and flexible way, providing children with the tools to develop dexterity in their communication ability, whilst maintaining their own voice.


“Talk:Write aims to enrich children’s experiences of school and provide teachers with a robust platform to develop and improve talk and writing to achieve more equality within education.”


Talk:Write uses games and activities to explore The 5 Codes of Speech and The 5 Suave Features of Language – covering the different types of language and structures that give impact to speech and writing.


The programme also provides advice and support for children for whom English is an additional language, as well as teaching children to ‘code switch’ and maintain a stamina for writing.


Reflecting the experiences of using technology to provide high quality learning support throughout the pandemic, schools purchasing the entire programme will have unlimited access to four hours of video that explains and exemplifies the system.


Presented by Ros herself, the videos can be viewed as one whole day of quality continuous professional development or as a series of staff meetings.


Talk:Write is designed to complement and enhance existing school programmes for talk and writing.


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