British tech companies offers free Covid air filtration units to schools

As schools re-open this week, they are facing significant Covid challenges and the likelihood of large-scale absences of both pupils and teachers – so a British company is offering schools high-quality air-filtration units, at no capital cost.


Finsen Technologies is a manufacturer of high-level UVC disinfection equipment, which provides fast, reliable and safe air decontamination for use in hospitals and healthcare businesses across the UK and the rest of the world.


Finsen’s Air Decontamination and Filtration equipment reduces the amount of particulates and pathogens (including Covid 19 and known variants) by 99.7% on each air circulation, many times per hour. The units sit silently cleaning 2000 cubic metres of air per hour – making the air in a space safe for teachers and pupils, and so reducing the likelihood of large scale absences and the pressures on the education system.


The company’s CEO, Bill Passmore, has written to the Education minister Nadim Zahawi and Schools Minister Robin Walker, offering to supply the units to as many schools as possible at no cost to the Department for Education, or the schools to help create safe spaces for pupils and teachers.

Mr Passmore said: “Given the current circumstances, we would love to support our schools with our technology and help ensure minimal further disruption to our children’s education. As a health technology company, education is vital to our future and loaning these units free of charge is the best way we can think of to help. Schools would only pay for replacement air filters, which are pretty low cost.’


‘We’re hoping to hear back from the DfE very soon. We all need to act fast.”