Revolutionizing Learning: How Educators Leverage Pictory AI to Boost Student Engagement

TikTok and other platforms have shortened many students’ attention spans, with educators struggling to engage them in the classroom.  As a result, some teachers have found that traditional classroom teaching methods are no longer working for many school-age and college kids who have grown up getting their information from a screen. 


Savvy schoolteachers and professors realize that students respond better to lessons delivered in the same way as they consume information outside the classroom. They’re turning to Pictory, the easy-to-use AI video creation platform, to transform their teaching methods and are seeing student engagement increase exponentially with teachers reporting students are more captivated than ever before


From schools to college, Pictory’s impact spans diverse educational environments. 


Success stories:


Pippa, Head of Computing and Business at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School:


Pippa faced a common challenge: traditional teaching methods weren’t resonating with her students. Their attention spans were shrinking, and comprehension levels were dropping.


Pippa found Pictory and discovered that it was so simple to use and it allowed her to transform dense academic content into engaging videos that today’s learners could instantly relate to.


Since she started using Pictory Pippa found that there was a 300% improvement in student engagement. Her lessons came alive, and her students were more attentive than ever.


Dr. Carolyn, Professor at Barry University’s School of Social Work:


Dr. Carolyn, an experienced professor, grappled with similar issues. She was struggling to get complex concepts to stick with her students, she only had 90 minutes for a lecture, not enough time to deliver dense and detailed information to masters and doctoral students. 


She wanted to find an innovative way to connect with outside the lecture hall in ways they could relate to and that didn’t require complicated technical knowledge on her part. 


With Pictory, Dr. Carolyn effortlessly converted her lecture materials into emotionally resonant videos.”I can put together a video in just 5 to 8 minutes”.


It was a game-changer for her. Dr Carolyn saw a remarkable 500% increase in student engagement, her students not only understood the material better but also retained it longer. “It keeps them alive… it sets a tone… it creates this emotional tone”, she says.


Creating videos from written content means that educators can use Pictory for:


  • Creating customized learning experiences by crafting personalized educational videos that cater to diverse learning styles and different intellectual abilities.


  • Turning word-heavy teaching materials and lesson plans into dynamic videos in minutes, with added captions to reinforce messaging and engagement and for learning that sticks. 


  • With AI-generated audio narration, relevant images, and subtitles, teachers save time while enhancing student comprehension.


  • Tailoring content:  Putting the creator firmly in control, no more generic videos.  Using Pictory lets teachers create videos closely aligned with their specific curriculum. 


How Pictory empowers educators and boost student engagement


  • Intuitive Interface: Pictory’s user-friendly design ensures that educators can navigate it effortlessly. No tech headaches—just seamless functionality.
  • From Script to Video: Transform lesson plans, announcements, and motivational messages into captivating videos in minutes. No video editing expertise required.
  • Extracting Gems: Pictory extracts highlights from long-form content, making sharing easy and engaging and it can now summarize information to create videos featuring the most salient points.
  • Captions for Greater Reach: Add captions to your videos for broader reach and longer view times.


Pictory isn’t limited to formal education. Coaches, mentors, and trainers can inspire, motivate, and guide learners using this transformative tool.