ONANOFF unveils StoryPhones, offering independent, screen free audio entertainment for young children

Audio is proven to benefit children’s reading skills, as well as their mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence. 



StoryPhones is an independent device offering screen-free entertainment that doesn’t need to connect to any other device for playback. It’s able to store and play audio content at any time, thus providing an entertaining way to boost creativity and decrease screen time.  

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London, 22 March, 2022: ONANOFF is delighted to unveil StoryPhones at BETT UK; a magical ride to a whole new world of audio fun for listeners of all ages.  


StoryPhones are the first smart, portable wireless audio entertainment device for children, combining high-performance headphones with an internet-connected content player. Access stories by simply popping a StoryShield disc into the StoryPhones. It will then automatically download the story into the headphone’s memory and start playing. After the initial download, it will play the content independent of any network or other device. Disney fans can now listen to short stories based on movies such as The Lion King, Mickey Mouse or Frozen wherever they are, so StoryPhones are ideal for long journeys, whilst on holiday or just snuggled up in bed.  


StoryPhones also offer the option of recording personalised stories in a loved one’s voice, through the mobile app, creating a customised StoryShield called PlayShield. This way, users can record family stories and share the ones that shaped an individual’s life, with generations to come. It’s also a brilliant way to stay connected with loved ones far away. Even though grandparents live in another country, a child can hear a bedtime story read by grandma and when away, or at work, parents can soothe children with a pre-recorded lullaby. 


Listening to and sharing stories is key to improving a child’s early language and literacy development. 

Recent research by the National Literacy Trust found listening to stories to be hugely beneficial to younger children (from birth to age 8) through the development of comprehension skills and engagement with stories. Audio is proven to benefit children’s reading skills, as well as their mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence. 


It’s proven that in households where children hear fewer words, their literacy levels at age 5 are lower than those who have been exposed to a higher number of words, impacting on longer-term literacy and ability. Listening to stories helps solve this problem by exposing children to a wider vocabulary, that in turn, helps with pronunciation, improved comprehension, and increased exposure to different cultures. 


It also teaches children models of fluent reading. Hearing stories read with accuracy, at an appropriate speed and with proper expression has a positive impact on a child’s own reading fluency. Interestingly, findings revealed that listening to stories requires the same cognitive skills as reading in print, therefore supporting a child’s development of skills that children need to read. For children who are keen to learn more about the world around them, StoryPhones is set to introduce educational StoryShields so children can have fun listening whilst also learning. However, for those children who  struggle with emotional wellbeing and anxiety, the new StoryShield with mindfulness bites may help in calming and reassuring a child.  


StoryPhones sparks imagination, fuels curiosity, and encourages independent, active play for a truly immersive experience. Play is important for both escapism and development, while fostering concentration and self-expression, and supporting physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. When listening to a story, children can dance, sing, play and listen to music or an engaging story any time they choose.   Listening is a crucial skill for young children to acquire. It is one of the basic building blocks of language and communication and, particularly in the early years of education, one of the main vehicles for a child’s learning. Up to 80 per cent of learning in the early years is verbal.  


StoryPhones makes it easy to access stories as a family, at home or on the go. Family life can be hectic, but with StoryPhone stories can be heard ‘hands-free’. This gives families lots of opportunity to tune in whilst engaging in other activities, whether it’s quiet time, bedtime or in the car on the school-run. 




Founded in 2014, with offices in New York, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, ONANOFF is an audio company that creates award-winning, functional, stylish, and ergonomic products with a social purpose that meet a wide range of listening needs. Having helped initiate and advance the kids audio category, the company is best known for creating the BuddyPhones brand, the world’s leading kids’ headphones, promising to always be kid-safe, kid-proof, and kid-friendly.   


ONANOFF is honored to have received the 2021 EU Product Safety Award from the European Commission for our efforts in going above and beyond required safety standards under the category Protecting the Safety of Vulnerable Consumer Group.