BYJU’S FutureSchool predictions for 2022

Spokesperson: Sajid Shariff, Senior Vice President, Global Growth – BYJU’S.


  • Individualised learning:
    • During lockdown, 10% of parents reported paying for private tuition, and we expect this trend to continue as parents look towards 1:1 learning options to supplement school-based curriculum. Offering individualised learning experiences will continue to expand in the private education market. Tailoring education to suit each child’s needs is a proven way to educate and guide students to become creative thinkers, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.


  • The impacts of missed learning time:
    • We predict that the missed learning time as a result of the pandemic will continue to impact education into 2022, with children having missed out on a third of education time during lockdown. This means that with children behind on core skills including maths, more parents will be looking for additional support in these areas to bring their children up-to-speed and strengthen their self-confidence.


  • Importance of recognising the arts in STEAM:
    • We anticipate an increased need for the arts to integrate with typical STEM subjects to spark opportunities for creative, interactive learning across the board. By using real world conceptual learning methods across arts and science, students can build a greater understanding of how different skills, such as communication, problem solving and creative thinking, come together to make better discoveries. With research showing that STEAM improves creative and critical thinking, placing greater importance on developing skills in the arts, such as musical instruments, will be imperative in cultivating a capable interdisciplinary workforce fit for the future.
    • EdTech companies, like BYJU’S FutureSchool, are responding to this need by offering online music, art and animation lessons, helping reach more children and making the arts more accessible. 


  • The continuous rise of coding:
    • With an ever-increasing number of coding jobs available, we need to be teaching the fundamentals of coding and logic from an early age to inspire a passion – and aptitude – for it. Teaching children coding from an early age also helps guide them to become creative thinkers and innovators of tomorrow, and has the added benefit of being an important future skill for children. Parents are finding this value of enrolling their children in coding, with our data showing that out of all the BYJU’S FutureSchool classes available, coding is the most popular with nearly half of parents signing up their children for classes.


With teachers under an ever-increasing amount of pressure, more parents are likely to turn to supplemental learning to complement their children’s school education. Online education platforms are expected to become even more accessible, with more people gaining access to technology. Our focus at BYJU’S FutureSchool is to inspire children to create versus consume, helping to prepare children for the future. You can find out more here: