In 2023 government figures showed that the target for secondary school teachers had been missed by 50%[1]. With this, and other, shocking statistic in mind, highly successful North West recruitment business Integra People has launched a new sister company, Integra Education, to build on their expertise in this area and offer specialist support in this sector.


Integra Education believes the time is right to make a difference within education recruitment in the UK. Integra Education will specialise in connecting education professionals with the best job opportunities in schools and private tutoring as well as working with graduates who are passionate about making a difference in this sector.


In 2022 40,000 teachers resigned from state schools, which represents almost 9% of the teaching workforce[2]. As pupil rates continue to grow and record numbers of teachers are quitting the profession, help is needed to bridge the gap.


Integra’s Head of Education, Carole Lamb comments, “The statistics paint a bleak picture and one we couldn’t sit back and ignore. Due to our vast experience and outstanding growth in this sector, we felt the time was right to create a separate brand which specialises solely in education. We want to bring our passion, credibility and expertise to those who need our support and offer a people-focused approach, ensuring that candidates are only matched with roles that suit their skills and aspirations. We believe in developing long-term client and candidate relationships and providing support and guidance throughout the entire recruitment process.”


Integra Education boasts an extensive network of schools and educational institutions eager to welcome passionate graduates or existing teachers /  tutors to gain access to job openings that can’t be found anywhere else. Their expert career guidance will help graduates and teachers make informed decisions, with support for every step of the way including resume building and interview preparation.


From primary school teachers to specialised tutors, Integra Education is here to help connect people with opportunities perfectly matched to their skills and aspirations, and which will have a lasting impact on student’s lives.


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