Redefining AI in Education with a Personal Touch embodies the synergy of teaching community and technology: empowering and uplifting educators
In a sea of generic AI tools, stands out by offering a tailored, educator-centric AI platform designed to address the unique challenges of the UK education sector.
In an era where digital transformation is reshaping educational landscapes, emerges as a pioneering force, offering a beacon of innovation and personalised support to UK educators. Born from the collective wisdom of a community of 100 dedicated teachers, this AI-Educator Assistant transcends the limitations of traditional tools, promising to revolutionise teaching and learning with its unique blend of wisdom, wellbeing, and workflow.
Introduction to
Set to launch on Thursday, 1 February, after meticulous testing, the premium service, askKiraPlus, offers an all-encompassing support system for a nominal fee of £4.99 per month – about the cost of a coffee and cake. “In setting the price of askKiraPlus, we aimed to balance top-quality support with cost-awareness, providing invaluable assistance” remarks Mark Unwin, Co-Founder of and CEO of Create Partnership Trust.
Wisdom, Wellbeing, Workflow:
At the heart of’s innovation is its commitment to wisdom. The platform’s AI technology is not just reactive but insightful, drawing from the extensive experience and knowledge of seasoned educators. “ is more than just an AI; it’s a partnership that continuously evolves with the invaluable insights of the teaching community,” explains Mark Unwin, Co-Founder of and CEO of Create Partnership Trust, highlighting the platform’s ability to offer instant expert advice tailored to the nuanced challenges of teaching.
Recognising the demanding nature of the teaching profession, places a strong emphasis on educator wellbeing. The system actively contributes to lightening the load of administrative tasks, allowing teachers to focus on their primary role – nurturing students. “Wellbeing is hugely important, ensuring that educators have immediate support and resources they need for self-care and professional growth,” Unwin continues.

Mark Unwin, Co-Founder of and CEO of Create Partnership Trust seamlessly integrates into teachers’ daily routines, enhancing workflow efficiency without adding complexity. The platform offers proactive suggestions, and ensures that educators and students experience a smooth and enriching educational journey. “Our goal is to streamline the educational process, removing barriers and enhancing productivity, so teachers can devote more energy to what they do best – teach,” adds Unwin.
In a landscape often distracted by fleeting trends and superficial solutions, establishes itself as a beacon of innovation and personalisation. It’s not merely adapting to the changing dynamics of the education sector; it’s actively shaping the future, demonstrating how augmented intelligence can genuinely empower and uplift educators across the UK. embodies the synergy of community and technology, reflecting a profound understanding of the demands and aspirations of the educational sector. It’s not just a platform; it’s a commitment to wisdom, wellbeing, and workflow, a pledge to redefine the role of AI in education and champion a future where educators are not just supported but celebrated and empowered.