Introducing the Fusion Maker by Epilog: A High-Performance, Affordable Laser Engraving Solution for the Education Sector

CSI Manufacturing proudly presents the Epilog Fusion Maker, the latest addition to our product lineup. A great entry-level product for the education sector, the Epilog Fusion Maker combines affordability with industrial-grade engineering, making it the ideal choice for schools, universities, and educational institutions seeking a versatile laser engraving, cutting, and marking system.


The Epilog Fusion Maker offers an exceptional range of capabilities, enabling users to create intricate engraving and cutting projects on a variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, textiles, paper, plastic and many more. Its user-friendly software interface makes job setup simple and its open architecture means it can read files directly from a plethora of mainstream design packages including Coreldraw, Illustrator, CAD, 2D etc.


Key Features Include


High-Speed Engraving

Achieve impressive speeds of up to 60 inches per second (1.5 m/s) with 3.5G acceleration, allowing for precise and efficient project execution. The colour mapping feature seamlessly integrates speed, power, frequency, and raster/vector mode for optimal results.


IRIS™ Camera Positioning

The built-in overhead camera system provides real-time visualisation of the working area, facilitating accurate artwork placement. Drag and drop functionality on the screen enables quick and precise work processing.


Touch Screen Interface

The user-friendly touchscreen interface allows for seamless job selection, laser autofocus, and easy job rerun, providing convenience and efficiency.



Designed with side enclosures and a fully covered x-axis assembly, the Fusion Maker ensures enhanced safety and cleanliness.


Air Assist

The air assist system directs air to the cutting surface, effectively dissipating heat and removing combustible gases, resulting in clean and precise cuts.


Radiance™ Beam Enhancing Optics

With Epilog’s advanced optics, achieve high-resolution engraving across the entire table without the need for additional costly lens packages.



The Fusion Maker by Epilog is now available to order from CSI Manufacturing. For more information, contact us on 0117 911 4367 or