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  • Rare Birds is calling for school uniform policies to be relaxed to allow the neurodivergent to concentrate on their education
  • 47% of students find school uniforms uncomfortable to wear
  • Parents of children who are neurodivergent spend twice as long to getting them dressed for school

Inclusive fashion brand Rare Birds is calling for school uniform policies to be relaxed to allow children with sensitivities to wear comfortable and inclusive clothing.

Wearing school uniforms all day can be physically and emotionally distressing to some children, making it hard for children to function at their best.


Despite this, almost every secondary school (98%) and the majority (79%) of primary schools in the UK require students to wear some type of uniform.


47% of students reported that they find school uniforms uncomfortable to wear. The issue worsens for children with a disability, in particular those with sensory needs such as Autism and ADHD.


It can take, parents of children with a disability twice as long to get them dressed in traditional school uniform clothing, meaning children are beginning their day already agitated in clothes that are not comfortable.


The sensory needs of children with these disabilities mean traditional uniforms with tight necklines, scratchy labels, non-elasticated cuffs, and uncomfortable fabrics can cause upset. In a survey 60% of parents agreed that regular clothing is simply not suitable for special needs children. 


Only a few high street brands offer a small adaptable uniform clothing range, leaving parents with limited options.


To offer inclusive clothing to as many children as possible, Rare Birds is running a ‘Back to School’ campaign from the 25th August until the 4th September. 20% off will be available on all kids items, including black joggers and magnetic zip hoodie, which are appropriate for current school uniform policies.


Clementine Schouteden, Founder of Rare Birds said: “School uniform policies must reflect the needs of children and ensure they have the right tools to learn undisrupted. This includes allowing an adaptable, inclusive school uniform policy that aids not inhibits children’s education.”


However, it’s not just children with sensory issues or disabilities that may find uniforms difficult; some children with eczema or very sensitive skin also find school uniforms problematic.


All of the clothing offered by Rare Birds is made from soft materials such as ThermoSoft, which combines Bamboo and organic Cotton resulting in a fabric that is gentle on the skin and super soft to the touch.

Clothing is designed without itchy labels and boast soft seams, deep pockets, wide neck holes and elastic waist bands, ensuring maximum comfort.

As a corporate partner of the National Autistic Society, Rare Birds is passionate about the education and welfare of children with disabilities such as Autism and believe no child should lose out on learning due to uncomfortable school uniforms.