Whizz Education’s Competitive Insight to Help Schools Excel at Maths

Whizz Education, the leader in adaptive learning technology and maths educational programs, has strengthened its senior team.   Drawing on their competitive sporting backgrounds and educational expertise, the new appointments will now help schools in the UK and around the world improve provision and deliver learning experiences that cater for individual needs and pace of learning, to ensure students excel at maths. 
Emma Ringe has recently been promoted to Global Schools Director responsible for expanding Whizz Education’s value and customer centric approach; Elaine Smith has been appointed as UK Country Manager and Ben Slack, former teacher of nine years, has been appointed as Education Success Partner.   Emma, Elaine and Ben have all previously represented their country in different sports and this passion to achieve means they are well placed to support schools.
Emma Ringe, Global Schools Director, explains: “As an education partner dedicated to improving learning outcomes in maths, Whizz Education’s work now spans six continents, reaching 1.5 million students and thousands of teachers.  Our team is passionate and committed and use this energy to design and drive learning programmes in partnership with education stakeholders to overcome barriers and deliver measurable, improved outcomes. By tailoring implementations to the needs of the local context, capacity building and deploying a unique course correction approach through regular review and adjustment we empower teachers to make the best use of our digital technology solution.  This combined with whole school access to our award-winning virtual tutor Maths-Whizz, means we ensure tangible education outcomes are reached and students can achieve accelerated learning in maths. 
“Our strengthened team has a single objective: to enable school communities to reach their full potential.  They now bring their vast experience in education plus their unique insight within competitive sporting environments forward, to implement successful EdTech and hybrid learning programmes.  They will play an active path in helping and guiding decision making, enabling all students to reach their full potential and empowering teachers to use our platform to facilitate teaching skills in the classroom and beyond.”



Emma Ringe, Global Schools Director has considerable knowledge of the national curriculum in primary/secondary education gained through almost 15 years collaborating with schools in education provision.  Prior to joining Whizz Education, Emma Ringe held senior roles at Explore Learning, a leading provider of after-school tuition for 4–14-year-olds.  Emma has also worked for the social care charity Sense, supporting the development in communication and self-care skills and education, so children born deaf and blind can reach their full potential.  Emma has a Sociology Degree with a minor in social sciences awarded by Loughborough University,and has represented her country for basketball.
Elaine Smith, UK Country Manager also joins Whizz Education from Explore Learning where she worked as business process manager, regional manager and centre manager for ten years.  Elaine also has a Psychology Master’s Degree from Nottingham Trent University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science from Loughborough University and has represented GB in rowing.
Ben Slack, Education Success Partner worked as a primary school teacher for nine years in two schools before being so impressed with the award-winning virtual tutor Maths-Whizz, he joined Whizz Education.   As a qualified teacher, Ben used Maths-Whizz as a tool in the classroom to facilitate his teaching and as a result he is an expert on implementing a hybrid learning model.  Ben has represented his country in Hockey.
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