Digital Explorers – free internet safety game makes learning fun Can you complete the quest?

Digital Explorers, the new internet safety game free from leading edtech charity LGfL–The National Grid for Learning, is designed to make learning about keeping safe online engaging for KS2 pupils. Through scenario-based discussions, children will learn essential concepts like online kindness, safe sharing, and recognising trusted adults.

The game introduces primary aged children (7-11yr olds) to the basics of online safety in a fun and interactive way. Four to six players compete to make their way across the game board, in an online safety quest. Along the way, players respond to various situations described on the games’ ‘Online Safety Scenario’ cards, and are reminded about ways to stay safe by reading out the game’s ‘Online Safety Pledge’ cards.

Scenarios highlight situations children may well face in their real, every day, digital lives, for example, ‘While playing a game someone asks you for your real name. What is the safe thing to do?’. These are paired with advice on how to be a responsible digital explorer, ‘I will be a good online friend by respecting others’ feelings and ideas’.

Players try to land on bonus spaces on the game board, such as  ‘Reported bullying – move forward 2 spaces’, while dodging penalty spots – ‘No Wi-Fi – Miss a go’. This downloadable game features a game board illustrated with LGfL’s stylized graphics, card packs and additional blank card templates so children can add their own content to the game.

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