School Resources

Future Learning Ltd
Classroom based workouts that cover key areas of the national curriculum.

Future learning have created a classroom resource like know other, that gives children a 8min 30sec HIIT (High intensity interval training) session that also helps them learn their times table, while covering PE, science and PSHE objectives. In creating this resource, we considered a lot of the barriers a teacher faces when it comes to getting children moving during the school day. The workout is classroom based and requires the children to push their chairs in and the teacher to press play. Being aware of the importance of data for head teachers, we’ve also built into the resource the function of recording each time an individual class logs in, giving a great source of evidence for showing what your school is doing to meet government requirements laid out in the childhood obesity plan. With the introduction of children being assessed on their knowledge of times tables we have created an easy fix that can be implemented immediately.