ECINS Student Engagement Module and MyPortal360 app
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ECINS is a social enterprise with a focus on opening up new ways for people to work together. Our aim is to help people learn from each other and develop more compassionate attitudes by enabling preventative and positive person-centred interventions.
Our background is on the frontline, supporting vulnerable people. For more than
20 years we’ve been working alongside staff members to create systems that solve real
After years of co-creation with our user community, we have created the world’s first fully integrated referral, case management, student engagement and community collaboration solution. Our fully secure and adaptable system is empowering communities across the UK, US and Australia.
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The ECINS Student Engagement Module is a secure two-way software solution that supports student welfare and delivers measurable improvements to wellbeing while
cutting down time spent on reporting.

Schools play a role far more diverse than teaching academic information to children. They support families and communities in helping students take increased responsibility for
their learning and behaviour. When there are blocks in the way to being able to achieve expected milestones, schools help connect students and families with the right practical and wellbeing support which in turn improves performance, behaviour and

The student engagement module can be accessed by wider support networks to wrap
support around a young person:
› Enables parental involvement in a young person’s support such as parents on parental
programmes, family intervention programmes and assigning them ‘Things to do’ to support
their child
› Enables parents who need more contact with schools, such as those with children with
special educational needs, to have closer direct contact without the need for additional
› Location functionality can assist with safety measures on school trips, runners from
school, truancy, looked after children, young people with additional needs or in residential
homes/schools, and those with safeguarding concerns or on child protection plans
› Helps schools and parents to promote positive health, wellbeing and resilience
among young people
› Allows schools, local services and wider support networks to work together to assess
student and family needs holistically and develop true collaborative work practices that
produce better outcomes.

How does it help children to feel supported?
› Gives a voice to the young person – A way for them to communicate freely in a way that is
preferable to them
› Helps students feel reassured that their issues and concerns are being taken seriously and that they will be supported and kept safe
› Gives students security in knowing they can report any problem to a trusted source at
› Allows them to report problems without being visible to peers (i.e seen to be telling on
someone or being seen to go to designated space in school used for inclusion etc)
› Helps students to feel heard
› Empowers shy children who are less likely to ‘make a fuss’ or report
› Makes sharing difficult information easier than in a face-to-face conversation
› Gives young people more ownership of their wellbeing which keeps them motivated
› Enables students to raise the alarm if they are struggling
› Helps young people with poor organisational skills to stay on track
› Allows students to reflect on positive changes through the use of mood diaries and other
reflective tools so they can see how far they have come after interventions and understand
their feelings better in relation to situations
› Helps build self-empowerment and trust, openness and transparency

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01493 858 768
Business Phone Number:
01493 858 768
iSpace Wellbeing
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iSpace Wellbeing: Award winning, FREE mental health and wellbeing solutions for schools and children aged 4- 16 years.
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The iSpace Wellbeing and #iWonder Curriculums are award winning, evidence based and offer an exciting whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. Our curriculums provide an age appropriate framework including who and how to ask for help, and a common language, which encourage conversations about mental, emotional, social and physical health to become part of everyday school and home life.

The curriculums provide a proactive, progressive and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing; supporting schools in achieving the Government’s new for 2021 Mental Health, Relationships and Sex Education requirements.

iSpace Wellbeing is a holistic approach to wellbeing education. It ensures mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing are addressed in a curriculum schools can embrace with complete confidence as part of PSHE. All solutions are supplied with free CPD teacher training, over 150 digital lessons, and 96% of pupils and 100% of teachers agree that iSpace has helped them with their mental health and wellbeing.

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Jigsaw PSHE
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Jigsaw is more than a scheme of work for PSHE and RSHE. It is a whole-school philosophy with children and young people at its heart, which nurtures the positive and inclusive culture of the whole school community.
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Jigsaw PSHE is a well-structured scheme of work for PSHE, including a lesson a week for ages 3-16, with all the teaching and learning resources needed to deliver it, making it a gift for teachers and students alike.

The whole-school approach includes progression and assessment. All statutory RSHE requirements are met, learning is engaging, and the impact is tried and tested across thousands of schools. Mindfulness practice in every lesson supports mental health and self-regulation.

The program includes ongoing free support and updates.

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+44 (0)1202 013813
Business Phone Number:
+44 (0)1202 013813
Persona Education
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Social-emotional life skills e-learning for schools and colleges. Persona Education’s student wellbeing e-learning platform for schools and colleges uses a unique personality insights framework to help teenagers navigate their life journey.
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Persona Life Skills – our student wellbeing e-learning platform for secondary schools and colleges – uses a unique personality insights framework to help teenagers navigate their life journey. Build your students’ social-emotional life skills, in PSHE or tutor groups in school, or in blended or remote learning. Join us on our mission to boost the wellbeing and success of young people.

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0117 313 2897