Classroom RevivR by British Heart Foundation
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British Heart Foundation (BHF) helps take the stress out of teaching CPR with Classroom RevivR. The free, game-changing, digital CPR training tool for educational settings, requires no experience, special equipment, and only minimal planning. teaching 11–16-year-olds:
• The difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack
• How to respond if they see an unconscious person
• How to make an emergency call and get help
• How to use a defibrillator
• How to work as a team and perform CPR safely

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Equip the next generation with lifesaving CPR skills with Classroom RevivR. BHF’s must-have tool for educational settings teaching 11–16-year-olds across the UK.
The interactive tool makes it easy for pupils to learn CPR and how to use a defibrillator in the classroom. It’s PSHE-accredited, meets curriculum standards and can be taught in one easy lesson plan - minimising teachers' workloads. Thanks to innovative technology, Classroom RevivR also gives pupils live feedback as they practise chest compressions – helping them to find the right rhythm and learn CPR correctly. There is no need for an external trainer or lots of specialist equipment. Pupils need a digital device (preferrable their own device or a shared one) and something to perform compressions on, like a cushion, coat or backpack.
If you already have CPR manikins, you can use these too. And the best part is – it’s completely free to use.
Join 1000+ schools who have already made steps to create a school of CPR superheroes.

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Sumdog Maths is an adaptive learning platform that helps build mathematical fluency, boost confidence and most importantly, makes maths fun and enjoyable for all learners aged 5-14
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Sumdog provides teachers with the ability to set targeted practice work across all key maths skills for individuals, groups or classes. To get the most out of Sumdog we recommend setting one of our ready-made low-stakes tests on a particular topic you've taught as a starting point. Using our automated reports you can see at a glance who may need extra support or additional practice. You can then set targeted practice as a classroom activity or homework task for your pupils to complete, after which point you can reassess further to see where progress has been made.
Independently, children can choose from over 30 engaging games on Sumdog as they are guided through core skills by our adaptive learning platform, providing a personalised experience for each child.

Aligned to the National Curriculum, White Rose Maths scheme of learning and the Curriculum for Excellence benchmarks, you can trust that Sumdog is aligned to what you're teaching and enjoy your pupils looking forward to their maths lessons rather than dreading them.

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0131 226 1511