Why it’s important for children to play in the rain

With the Great British weather in full swing and a very wet summer holidays ahead, Author and
Creator of the BeWILDerwood books and award-winning play parks, Tom Blofeld, expresses his
concerns on what impact this could have on young children and why playing in the great outdoors
should always be encouraged.

“Being a parent myself, I know how conscious we all are about how much screen time our
children have. With more and more technology it’s hard to find that balance. But it worries
me the impact that a rainy summer could have on our children. They may be forced to stay
indoors where technology seems like the only entertainment option.

I believe as parents we have to actively encourage children to play outside, like we did when
we were younger. It’s where BeWILDerwood all stemmed from, my adventures in the woods
as a child. Being outdoors is so good for children and adults! It sparks imagination, helps
children develop and is just good old-fashioned fun! Forget the video games and computers –
let them experience a real adventure!”

With the forecast looking wet for the coming weeks, BeWILDerwood want parents to get back to
nature and not let the traditional British weather put them off having family adventures.
Encouraging families to make the most of the time off together and create lasting memories. Tom
Blofeld continues,
Will your children remember it rained when they’re older? No! What they will remember is
that day we all ran WILD in the woods, when they beat dad on a zip wire, splashed in
puddles, they ate an ice cream in the rain! As long as they’re dressed for the weather little
ones really don’t care about the rain – I think it actually makes it more fun for them! Plus, the
leaves on the forest trees take care of nearly all the raindrops anyway.”

The BeWILDerwood parks are located in both Norfolk and Cheshire and the company’s whole ethos
focuses on leaving technology at home and getting back to nature, no matter what age you are. They
urge families to play together and get a little muddy as they explore giant slides, zip wires, den
building, storytelling, crafts and more. Based on the tales and characters from the BeWILDerwood
books, the parks are where these stories and adventures come to life.

Find out more about the BeWILDerwood and plan your outdoor summer adventure come rain or
shine: www.BeWILDerwood.co.uk.