West Calder High School, West Lothian.
Scottish Government teacher recruitment pics for Stripe.
Head teacher Greg McDowall with kids.

New research highlights what people have learned about teachers

An online survey commissioned by the Scottish Government, with YouGov, has found that teachers are even more valued now, than they were before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic over eight months ago. Two-fifths (40%) of Scottish adults said that they value the role of primary and secondary school teachers more than they did previously, whilst two in ten Scottish adults (20%) said that they have learnt something new about being a teacher in Scotland since the lockdown due to Coronavirus.


This research positively highlights the importance of teaching as a career, a central theme of the Scottish Government’s Teacher Recruitment campaign. The campaign aims to encourage people who are currently studying or recently graduated, to pursue a teaching career in Scotland, and in doing so ticking off all of their career ambitions; from finding a job that’s rewarding and exciting, to a job with progression and leadership opportunities.


Greg McDowall, Headteacher at West Calder High School, said: “This year has certainly been different for teachers. It’s definitely been challenging, but also extremely rewarding during a time that has been hard for everyone. It’s great to see the research showing just how much teachers are valued. We particularly felt this from parents over the last year as they had to take on some teaching at home themselves. 


“There’s no doubt about it, that teaching in Scotland is a positive career choice, with plenty of real-life rewards from job security to leadership opportunities. My career has developed over the years from maths teacher to Principal teacher and now Headteacher, a role I have been in for two and a half years. I would highly recommend anyone with the enthusiasm and passion to inspire to consider teaching as a career. You never know where it will take you.”

West Calder High School, West Lothian.
Scottish Government teacher recruitment pics for Stripe.
HT Greg McDowall with Lewis Wicksted and Angela Townsley.

Education Secretary John Swinney, said: “Teaching makes a positive difference to children’s lives and our teachers have performed brilliantly in very challenging circumstances during the COVID-19 crisis.


“This campaign highlights how teaching can be a highly rewarding career, an opportunity to positively shape the next generation that will help our young people form their views and opinions in an ever-changing world.”


The research by YouGov, has also revealed that nearly a quarter (23%) of Scottish adults agreed with the statement “I took primary and secondary school teachers for granted before the coronavirus pandemic” emphasising further the change in people’s opinion of the profession.


The latest burst Teacher Recruitment campaign launches today (1 December) and is encouraging those who have the passion and the skills to inspire the next generation in STEM and non-STEM subjects to apply now.


In January, there will be a festival of events “Talking Teaching with The Mac Twins”, which will be taking the hundreds of students already signed up through all they need to know about getting into the profession of teaching.


To find out more about a teaching career in Scotland, check out for the most up to date information.