Online learning – beware of ‘Zoom fatigue’ and burnout of learners and staff

Online learning barriers from March may have disappeared, but some colleges and independent training providers are still not using the right systems – and risk learner burnout and “Zoom fatigue”. Following the latest UK lockdown announcements James Earl, Executive Director of Sales at The Skills Network highlights the implications this will bring for further education in the UK, and the importance of working with the right online partners.


Now that online learning will once again be the norm for colleges and universities, a blend of online classroom and online content which is engaging will be key, especially for learners.


On the other hand, organisations should review their online strategies to support their staff’s wellbeing, by partnering with companies who have been providing online learning for a number of years, with tried and tested systems, as well as tailored online content.


Shouldn’t we be letting our lecturers do what they do best and not let them worry about technicalities? Shouldn’t we also be supporting them so they can deliver their classes the best way possible, and give them flexibility so they do not have to worry about transiting class materials from online to real life every time there’s a new lockdown announcement?


It is also critical to ensure the tracking and assessment runs smoothly by adopting learner management systems, especially with the announcement of examinations that could turn into assignments and assessments. There are valid and reliable assessment options now open to us through technology; it’s just a question of finding your right online learning partner.