MS3 Networks partners with PrimaryTech

~ Full fibre IT for schools across Hull, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire ~


MS3 Networks, a leading full fibre network operator in the North of England, has announced its latest partnership with IT support partner for schools, PrimaryTech. This strategic partnership will allow PrimaryTech to leverage MS3’s growing fibre network to deliver high-quality IT solutions to schools and educational facilities across Hull, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.


PrimaryTech is a technology solutions provider delivering innovative services to schools, colleges and universities. By offering tailored technology solutions, varying from managed services, IT, technology design and consultation to CPD support and hardware, PrimaryTech exists to help educational institutions embrace the power of digital transformation and enhance the learning experience for students.


MS3 Networks has been making great progress at advancing digital infrastructure in Hull and North Lincolnshire through its rapid full fibre network rollout. Full fibre internet is the most reliable, futureproofed and speedy internet service on the market. Yet prior to MS3’s network rollout, it was not widely available in these areas at a cost-effective level for B2B partners.


With a commitment to making connectivity accessible to all, MS3 Networks accelerated its network rollout last year, launched its services in Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes and Grimsby, and has most recently set a short-term goal to provide full fibre coverage throughout every postcode in Hull in the next year.


Full fibre connectivity plays a pivotal role in revolutionising education by providing schools with the necessary infrastructure to support advanced learning tools, digital resources and cloud-based platforms. It offers reliable and symmetrical upload and download speeds, enabling seamless video conferencing, interactive online learning, and access to vast educational resources. With MS3 Networks’ commitment to delivering full fibre connectivity, schools in Hull and beyond can feel better equipped to adopt a more digital education.


“PrimaryTech has an established track record in delivering innovative technology services tailored specifically to the needs of schools, colleges and universities. This partnership allows MS3 to deliver the benefits of its network directly to educators across the city,” explained Guy Miller, CEO of MS3 Networks. “It’s great to have a specialist partner on our network, which can provide the expert consultancy required to deliver IT solutions to the education industry.”


“Partnering with MS3 Networks allows us to enhance our service offering to educational institutions in Hull,” added Darren Sunley, Head of Customer Success at PrimaryTech. “The availability of full fibre connectivity is a game-changer for schools, enabling them to access the most advanced educational tools and deliver a high-quality learning experience to their students.”


To learn more about PrimaryTech, please visit the website. For more information on the partners available on MS3’s network, and to discover its new build areas, click here.