Mental Health in Education Show – Supporting Mental Health in Education

23 June 2023 sees the launch of the Mental Health in Education Show, a free event which focuses on mental health at all levels of education and offers professionals across the UK access to a wide range of support, resources and expertise refined and aimed at mental health leads from across the country.


The show will also feature the inaugural Mental Health in Education Awards which will celebrate the amazing work being done to support mental health and wellbeing in educational settings across the UK.


In addition to the presentations, seminars, information and resources available, the show will welcome award-winning children’s author Michael Rosen as the headline speaker who will also be presenting the Mental Health in Education Awards.

Attendees will get the opportunity to:

  • Network with other mental health leads and share knowledge and skills that is relevant to their job role.
  • Access services and products that are carefully selected to be relevant to them and their relevant education setting.
  • Attend talks and seminars with guest speakers and panels hosted by education leaders who understand the demands put on mental health leads
  • Share challenges and successes with peers and experts who have the same background as you.


Show organiser and founder of the National Network of Mental Health Leads, Richard-Daniel Curtis says:


‘Education professionals are under intense pressure at the moment and the increase in children suffering from poor mental health very often means that mental health needs have to be picked up by teachers and non-mental health professionals. This conference gives educators an opportunity to learn from their peers, share their challenges and access the latest information from industry leaders.


‘This year we’re also pleased to be launching the Mental Health in Education Awards which will recognise people and organisations who have made outstanding contributions to improving mental wellbeing in the education sector’.


Michael Rosen adds:


‘Events over the last few years have added massively to the normal stresses and strains our children and young people face.  Focussing on their mental health and wellbeing has never been more important.  The role of educators in helping the next generation to cope with what they will face is vital and I am pleased to be able to support their work.’


The show is run by award winning mental health organisation The Root Of It on behalf of The National Network of Mental Health Leads, the representing body for mental health leads and coordinators in schools and colleges across the UK.


To find out more about the event and to book your free place, please visit: