Adveco AD Wall-Mounted Water Heating For Education Properties

The AD range of high-efficiency wall-mounted condensing gas-fired water heaters from hot water specialists Adveco is designed to provide a compact, high capacity and reliable method for delivering instantaneous hot water to a school building

AD wall-mounted is a range of ‘A’ class energy efficient water heaters available in three rated heat outputs, 27 kW (AD16), 33 kW (AD22) and 61 kW (AD37). When combined with a water cylinder, AD wall-mounted helps meet peak withdrawals without increasing the water heater power. AD wall-mounted can also integrate with solar thermal systems to supply top-up heating when solar radiation during winter months is not enough to guarantee the required temperature for DHW demands.

The water heater features a single high-quality patented heat exchanger constructed from a continuous, non-welded run of AISI 316 Ti (Titanium) stabilised stainless steel, providing exceptional construction strength and corrosion resistance. With radial variable circulation, the heat exchanger recovers the latent heat of the flue gas, improving heat transfer for a net efficiency of up to 107% to produce domestic hot water (DHW). The AD wall-mounted water heaters support either natural gas or LPG connections.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco said, “For property renovation where space is at a premium or when existing gas appliances need modernising, the AD wall-mounted range delivers highly efficient operation in a compact form factor. The titanium-stabilised stainless-steel construction of the AD’s heat exchangers is also the perfect response to counter the concerns of corrosion in soft, or softened water applications. “

With an efficient pre-mix burner and ultra-low NOₓ (16-29 mg/kWh) and CO (11-19 ppm) emissions, the AD range is an eco-friendly way to serve a domestic hot water (DHW) system with a net efficiency of up to 107%. The unit additionally features a high 1:8 modulation ratio to ensure maximum efficiency even during periods of low demand.

By reducing energy consumption, AD can deliver operational savings of up to 30% compared to traditional water heaters for a wide range of education applications that demand large production of DHW, such as gym & sports facilities, wash rooms and catering.

Also included is an intuitive inbuilt controller with LCD display that ensures full temperature control and a maintenance self-check of primary components and functions.