1 in 5 teachers have NEVER been thanked – is it time to put that right?

Research ahead of World Teachers’ Day reveals how shockingly under-appreciated teachers are

One in five teachers say they have NEVER received a ‘thank you’ for doing their job, according to a survey by public sector membership club Boundless.

The research, which polled 2004 UK workers in advance of the World Teachers’ Day on 05 October, shows:

  • 1 in 5 teachers have never been thanked in their entire career – and the rest have gone 65 days without a thank you.
  • 65 days is the average time since someone last said ‘thank you’ to a teacher – that’s well above the national average for public sector workers of 57 days.
  • 8 per cent of all teachers haven’t had a thank you message in more than a year.
  • 29 per cent of teachers said being thanked by the public would make them happier in their job – higher than the result for working fewer hours

Boundless spokesperson Darren Milton said: “When you think of the part that teachers play in our lives, and of those of our children, to learn that one in five have never been thanked is quite shocking.

“What our research showed was that a small word of thanks – whether in person or online – could have a big impact on the way that teachers felt about their day and about their work.

“By saying ‘thank you’ to people who touch our lives so often, we can make them feel happier and more appreciated.”

For more information, please visit www.boundless.co.uk