AVer launches PTC500S professional auto tracking camera for educational presenters

Leading educational AV manufacturer AVer announces the launch of the PTC500S Professional Auto Tracking Camera, which allows the user to create engaging videos for streaming, sharing, and recording during lectures, demonstrations, video conferences and speeches

With a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, powerful 30X optical zoom and secondary 120° FOV (Field of Vision) panoramic camera, the PTC500S captures full HD 1080p video. Three tracking modes and Multi-Presenter Detection eliminate the need for an experienced camera operator.

The PTC500S has 350° pan and 120° tilt radius and is perfectly suited for large classrooms or auditoriums. Full HD 1080p 60fps video and a powerful remote autofocus function track a moving presenter precisely and display important details more distinctly.

AVer’s algorithms enable the PTC500S to automatically track a presenter’s face and movements. Speakers are free to walk around the classroom without wearing any accessories to give guidance and talk to students.

The PTC500S has a dual lens which gives PIP (picture in picture) mode to simultaneously capture and view the speaker and the rest of the room.

An industry leading multi-presenter detection feature accurately tracks when there are two or more people in the effective area and concentrates on the main subject. Wide Area Tracking provides presenters the flexibility to leave the stage and interact with a crowd or students, all while being continuously tracked even if obscured by other people or objects.

Rene Buhay, AVer Europe Vice President of Sales & Marketing, comments: “Gone are the days when the educational presenter has to stand still in front of the camera. The AVer PTC500S gives presenters the freedom to roam the stage, be natural and to concentrate on doing what they do best – imparting information in a relaxed and spontaneous manner.”

Price: £3999 ex VAT


PTC500S Specifications http://presentation.avereurope.com/model/ptc500s