Stonehenge School complements state-of-the-art learning environment with Boxlight Mimio technology

LONDON (UK) 1st October September 2019 – Stonehenge School has integrated Boxlight Mimio’s award-winning classroom technology across its new campus in Amesbury, Wiltshire to enhance students’ learning experience and future-proof its education provision ahead of continued expansion.
Working in partnership with Oakford Technology, the school has installed MimioDisplay interactive panels in classrooms and offices, as well as the powerful MimioStudio education software which allows teachers to create interactive and imaginative lessons while performing real-time assessment.
As part of a campus redevelopment project to cater for a growing student community, Stonehenge School needed a transformational solution that would reinvigorate the learning experience, improving engagement and reflecting the reality of technology at home and in the workplace.
Following a careful selection process, Boxlight Mimio stood out as the school’s preferred technology partner due to its commitment to improving student outcomes, quality customer support, as well as MimioStudio’s ability to adapt to the schools existing digital resources.
“We’ve been working with Boxlight Mimio for a number of years and we’ve trialled their technologies. We’ve installed them in other schools, and we have a good working relationship which was crucial to us with the new building at Stonehenge School” says Oakford Technology’s Oliver Gee.
The project has resulted in better student participation and improved academic results across the school.

“Integrating Boxlight Mimio was an easy decision” says Nigel Roper, Headteacher, “It saves time, saves effort and most importantly improves outcomes for students. This technology is preparing them for life in the workplace, and it’s been a very positive step forward for us”.
“Our teachers have spent a long time building a bank of resources and being able to transfer them straight over to MimioStudio without any need for adaptation was really important” says Tracy Roberts, Assistant Headteacher responsible for IT infrastructure. “The installation was seamless, and the support has meant that our staff felt reassured every step of the way.”

“We were extremely proud to work with Oakford Technology to bring a next generation learning tool into Stonehenge School” says Hollie Jenkins-Green, Channel Engagement Manager at Boxlight Mimio. “With further campus
developments on the horizon, we’re looking forward to continuing our work with Stonehenge School as they keep building upon their mission to revolutionise learning in Amesbury.”