Teacher Training

Love Literacy Too
Love Literacy Too is the provider of the most comprehensive reading training and support to schools. We tailor training to each school’s Development Plan. Our training supports teachers, parents and support staff.
We have outstanding knowledge and experience of working with children in Literacy and Special Educational Needs. Our consultancy work will support your school and staff to provide outstanding Literacy and Special Educational Needs provision.

Love Literacy Too was founded by a Literacy and Special Educational Needs specialist. It focuses on providing an outstanding Literacy education for all children, regardless of ability.
Our services include comprehensive reading training for teachers and support staff. Phonics teaching is only one aspect for successful reading. We ensure that staff teach ALL the strategies needed to read and complete comprehension tests successfully. It has been reported that 17% of children who pass the phonics test in year 1 do not reach expected levels in reading the year after. Our children gives all children the chance they deserve to succeed.
We provide parent engagement workshops to engage, inform and enthuse parents to get involved with their children’s reading and education.
Our staff are SEN and Literacy specialists, we provide consultancy work to schools for short and long term targets. We work closely with schools to tailor support to their SDP, SEF and individual requirements.

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