ACCESS Speech and Language Therapy
ACCESS Speech and Language Therapy specialise in providing 1-1 and group therapy sessions in primary and secondary schools.

ACCESS Speech and Language Therapy provide innovative, flexible and reliable Speech & Language Therapy services to schools.

Our services include:
– Staff training
– One to one and group intervention
– Group intervention targeting the underlying causes of literacy difficulties
– MEASURABLE results provided in an innovative, reader-friendly format
– Screening and detailed assessment
– All our team are DBS enhanced checked and provided with regular clinical supervision

Our services are very competitively priced and significantly lower than a service level agreement with the NHS!
Online Access to 1000’s of Programmes for your Students.We are a social enterprise that connects schools with academic, personal and professional development support for pupils. We already have over 650 providers registered – approx 30% of programmes are entirely FREE to pupils and schools.

EduKit is a unique, easy to use tool that you can use to find out what programmes are available to support just about every type of need that your students have. There are literally hundreds of organisations out there delivering support programmes in your area.

We are a social enterprise, part funded by the Department for Education, to help schools find the right support for their pupils by connecting you with organisations that are out there to make a difference and improve the outcomes of children and young people. Many of these programmes are free and low cost.

Examples include:

Mentoring, Personal Development Work Experience, Counseling, Therapy, Tutoring, Resilience, Self-Esteem, Special Educational Needs, Radicalisation, Careers – Apprentiships – Traineeships, Sports, Dance, Drama, Music, Engagement of every type and much much more…. Programmes that deliver in and out of school.

With over 650 providers registered with us, you’ll be amazed at just how much is out there and the development opportunities that your students could be missing out on.
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London Speech Therapy
London Speech Therapy provide Speech & Language Therapy services to schools and families across the UK.

London Speech Therapy are a team of 14 full-time specialist Speech & Language Therapists who provide integrated Speech & Language Therapy services to schools across the UK.

Our services include:
– Staff training
– One to one and group intervention
– Screening and detailed assessment
– Second opinion Statutory Assessments
– All our team are CRB/DBS enhanced checked and provided with regular clinical supervised

Despite having a Harley Street clinic base and a top-selling a Speech & Language Therapy iPad app our services are very competitive and significantly lower than a service level agreement with the NHS!

London Speech Therapy
Magnolia Street
Stories for and about young people and adults with a learning disability

When Amy met Gary is the first novel in the developing Magnolia Street series written for, and about, young people and adults with a learning disability. This book helps young people to learn about personal safety, relationships, confidence building and the adult world through the eyes of the four main characters. Written in a style that is interactive, informative and fun, the characters guide the reader through their everyday lives, raising awareness of some of the difficulties people with a learning disability face.
Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy Ltd
A team of speech and language therapists and assistants who are able to work on a universal, targeted and specialist level

We can work at universal, targeted and specialist levels.
• We can advise on everyday practice from adults which develops communication skills
• Help develop communication supportive strategies and training
• Provide training and support to become a communication friendly school
We can carry out small group work which also acts as demonstration training for staff, as we have done very successfully in many schools and nurseries to date. We carry out baseline assessments with staff and evaluate progress.
a) Regular sessions e.g. a day a week to work with children who need speech and language therapy. This would be according to a service level agreement.

b) Individual Therapy sessions to support NHS programmes for specific pupils or those who are not accessing NHS services
We can also carryout training for staff.

0844 704 5888
Turning Pages Shannon Trust
Turning Pages is a reading programme written for teenagers and adults. 5 manuals, 30 accompanying reading books, 20 minutes a day, one to one.

A new, fresh and simple way for teenagers and adults to learn to read. Turning Pages has been written so that anyone who can read can use it to help someone struggling to read, one to one, without pressure, tests or childish language.

The 5 interactive colour coded manuals are accompanied by 30 graded reading books so that as soon as your learner has mastered the phonic sounds and can sound out some short words they can put those skills into action and begin their journey into reading for pleasure. 20 minutes a day is all it takes to make progress with Turning Pages.
‘Turning Pages improved the reading of all learners regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, whether or not they had a learning difficulty or dyslexia or spoke English as an additional language.’ Birmingham City University Evaluation Report Turning Pages
There are 3 main ways for schools and colleges to use Turning Pages:
Peer Mentor Model:  Peers instructed and supported in delivery of Turning Pages  1-2-1 delivery to a peer learner
Mentor Model:  Staff or volunteer mentors
 1-2-1 delivery to a learner
Reading Books only:  If you can’t deliver the manuals
 Provide accessible reading materials for poor readers