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Schools of Tomorrow
The Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship is a member-owned social enterprise open to all schools sharing a broader understanding of school purpose and quality and seeking values-led change through close partnership with like-minded schools.

Schools of Tomorrow (SoTo) was launched at the RSA in October 2013 as a not-for-profit social enterprise, owned and led by school leaders. The SoTo Fellowship is a distinctive approach to quality, partner peer review and school improvement. This involves an initial two-year commitment to mutual whole-school review and development to start to embed the four quadrant framework (achievement, wellbeing, preparation for the future and family and community engagement) into thinking and practice.
It involves mutual support and challenge from and with other Fellowship schools, who share those same values although may work in very different contexts. It is built around three linked core processes to help identify and move forward your own school priorities:
* ‘Head-to head’ -peer review of values, context, priorities and impact
* Student-led research – how well does our school equip us to understand and shape our future?
* Stakeholder evaluation – staff. students, governors, parents and community working together to review and inform development priorities

The cost is £750 per school plus £1 per pupil per annum. This includes:
* Free mentor support
* Free induction day for head, lead staff and student
* Free 24 hour residential for heads
* Full SoTo membership plus free places at national conference and two network meetings a year.
* Web forum membership
* Associate membership of EedNet
* Access to partner discounts

Schools of Tomorrow