Young Enterprise launches digital financial education programme to create a new generation of financially capable young people

Young Enterprise, one of the leading social mobility charities in the UK, has today launched a new digital financial education programme designed to help young people thrive in today’s society and develop a positive mindset with money.

The new My Money Matters digital programme, which is available at no cost for schools in areas most in need of support, intends to create a new generation of financially capable young people. The programme will enable students aged 14-18 to engage in interactive, self-led learning and allow them to form a deeper, more positive, financial outlook.

By providing meaningful training on topics such as cryptocurrencies, how to spot a financial scam, and the opportunities presented by an increasingly cashless society, My Money Matters aims to break down financial barriers and empower the UK’s next generation of workers.

The course’s units can be set in any order or assigned as extra-curricular study to ease teacher workloads.

Over up to six units, young people will:

  • Explore ways to make the most of their money
  • Explore the world of financial risk and reward
  • Learn about different ways of saving and reflect on their saving habits
  • Gain a deep insight into borrowing and debt
  • Look ahead to life after school and explore the different options available to them
  • Learn about the common scams people fall victim to and how to protect themselves against them

The initiative is being personally funded by William Salomon, President of Young Enterprise, and son of the charity’s founder, Sir Walter Salomon. The launch of the programme complements the UK’s National Strategy for Financial Wellbeing’s objective of providing two million more young people with meaningful financial education by 2030 and coincides with the unveiling of the government’s levelling up agenda for social mobility.

By supporting financial understanding and money management, Young Enterprise hopes to enable opportunities, transform lives, and support young people’s futures.

William Salomon, President at Young Enterprise said: “When it comes to building a young person’s enterprising mindset, financial education is incredibly important. Young Enterprise believes in creating meaningful opportunities which help young people develop the critical skills, knowledge and attitudes that can change their futures.


“Young people learn when faced with real, relevant and meaningful scenarios – so it is important that we bring these into their learning in realistic and achievable ways.  My Money Matters aims to do just this, by developing their financial capability and encouraging them to think positively about their own financial futures.”