World Book Day reveals 2024 £1 books to encourage the joy of reading

  • Fifteen new £1/€1.50 books are announced for World Book Day 2024
  • Authors Rosie Jones, David McKee, Tọlá Okogwu and LadBaby are amongst those joining the World Book Day 2024 line-up
  • In 2023, more than 50 million book tokens were distributed by World Book Day through schools, magazines and partnerships

Ahead of the celebration on 7th March 2024, World Book Day can reveal the 15 new £1/€1.50 books as part of the charity’s commitment to encourage reading for pleasure.


The 2024 £1 World Book Day selection includes re-imagined classics, adventure tales, picture books and comic book and graphic stories, as the charity continues to create a £1 book line up that gives all children choice in what they read.


At the core of the charity’s work to change lives through reading is the opportunity for all children to have a book of their own. More than 500,000 children in England don’t own a book,[1] which rises to one in 10 for children eligible for Free School Meals. Of these children, one in five shared that the book they ‘bought’ with their World Book Day token was the first book of their own.[2] 

Data from World Book Day’s Impact Report[3] for 2023 revealed the charity’s considerable effect on the lives of children across the UK. In 2023, over 2 million £1/€1.50 books were gifted to children by booksellers and publishers. A total of 50 million £1/€1.50 book tokens were distributed by the charity through schools, magazines, and partnerships and more, ensuring that as many children as possible had a book to enjoy and call their own. There were opportunities for all to get involved with the festivities, with over 4,000 booksellers and 1,930 libraries joining in with events, displays and activities and over 560,000 children enjoying digital events in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and Book Trust.


As reading for pleasure continues to be the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than family circumstances, parents’ educational background and their income[4], World Book Day aims to reach communities, families, and children in areas of high deprivation and low literacy. To further boost its reach and impact the charity’s newly published strategy for 2023 – 2027[5] sets out how it will encourage more children, from all backgrounds, to develop a life-long habit of reading for pleasure, and benefit from the improved life chances this brings them. 


World Book Day will continue to work with a network of partners to extend its reach and impact, including the National Literacy Trust, BookTrust, Read for Good, Libraries Connected. Last year, these partnerships resulted in over 90,000 £1/€1.50 books given to children in areas of high deprivation and low literacy across the UK and Ireland, with the charity looking to expand on this success in 2024. 


Cassie Chadderton, CEO, World Book Day said: “Encouraging children to love reading for pleasure is our charity’s mission. It’s vital we reach more children than ever, so that every child can benefit from the improved life chances that reading for pleasure brings.


“We are thrilled to announce an exciting list of £1 book authors for 2024. We are confident that these fun and inspirational books will spark children’s interest in discovering more books and reading for pleasure!”


Mark and Roxanne Hoyle (aka LadBaby) commented: “We are over the moon to be part of World Book Day 2024! Having the opportunity to not only follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest children’s authors, but to be able to do so while offering Greg the Sausage Roll: Lunchbox Superhero to children feels like a dream come true!


As a family we are passionate and committed to helping make a difference to children across the UK, so we couldn’t be prouder of this moment. World Book Day supports so many children and young people across the UK and Ireland and does incredible work to help provide books for those who otherwise might not be able to afford one.


Knowing that a World Book Day £1/€1.50 book could be the first book many children own is heartbreaking and honestly one of the reasons we’re so passionate about World Book Day and supporting the charity’s commitment to improving access to books for all children.


As two dyslexic authors, we know first-hand the importance of encouraging reading and how it helps us all to discover different worlds and unlock our imaginations in such incredible ways. We truly hope that Greg and his super exciting school adventure can help kickstart many children to find joy from reading this World Book Day and beyond.”


Tọlá Okogwu adds: “Reading is such an enormous source of joy and pleasure and something I enjoy sharing with the many children I meet as well as my own. Each year, World Book Day opens up the world of stories and endless imagination to thousands of children who might otherwise not have such an opportunity. I am incredibly proud that Onyeka will be a part of that and I can’t wait to explore the other books in this year’s line-up with my own children.”


World Book Day’s 2024 £1 /€1.50 books are:



  • Greg the Sausage Roll: Lunchbox Superhero by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle (aka Ladbaby), illustrated by Gareth Conway, published by Puffin
    It’s the first day of school and Greg The Sausage Roll is chilling in the bakery when a little boy comes in with his family, looking for something special to put in his lunchbox to help calm his nerves. In the blink of an eye, Greg gets scooped up and before you can say ‘SAUSAGE-ROLL CALL’, he’s off to school for a SUPER exciting adventure!

    Greg is over the moon . . . music, science, PE – he’s ready to try it all! But can Greg, Gloria and the mini sausage rolls help the little boy make a new friend and have the BEST FIRST DAY EVER?!


Social media phenomenon LadBaby have created this laugh-a-minute mini picture book adventure especially for World Book Day 2024.


  • Elmer and the Patchwork Story by David McKee, published by Andersen Press

This World Book Day, come on a brand new adventure with Elmer the patchwork elephant and discover the joy of telling, sharing, and making up stories! Do you know the story about the magic biscuit? Neither does Elmer! But the baby elephants want to hear it, so Elmer and his friends race to remember it before bedtime . . .


For over 35 years and across 30 stories, Elmer has spread a message of confidence, friendship and compassion to children all around the world.


  • Charlie McGrew and the Horse That He Drew by Rob Biddulph, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books
    Written in rhyming text and full of Rob’s inimitable wit and charm, this brilliantly innovative picture book includes space to add your own drawings and is perfect for young artists!




  • InvestiGators: High Rise Hijinks written by John Patrick Green, with Christopher Hastings and Pat Lewis, published by Macmillan Children’s Books

Crack the case with Mango and Brash in InvestiGators: High-Rise Hijinks, a laugh-out-loud special World Book Day adventure with black-and-white illustrations! This comic book series by John Patrick Green is perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey and has sold over 125,000 copies in the UK and Ireland through the TCM and ICM since the series launched in 2020.


A mysterious figure has robbed the bank – but it’s not just the money that’s gone missing, the whole building has disappeared! – and it’s up to secret agents Mango and Brash to go undercover and solve the mystery. Armed with super hi-tech spy technology, the InvestiGators are on the tail of Dr Doodledoo – a fowl scientist who also happens to be a giant chicken! But are they clucking up the wrong tree?


Join this comic crime-fighting duo on another one of their missions in more InvestiGators adventures, each one packed with brilliant full colour artwork!

The InvestiGators series is a hit with all ages and covers themes such as:

– Teamwork

– Resilience

– Problem-solving


  • Marv and the Ultimate Superpower by Alex Falase-Koya, illustrated by Paula Bowles and published by Oxford University Press
    “When Marvin puts on his superhero suit he becomes the unstoppable, invincible MARV! Marv can run at super speed, fly through the air, and freeze baddies in their tracks, but all these powers are nothing without kindness—the ultimate superpower! This World Book Day 2024, join Marv in five action-packed mini tales as he embarks on his latest adventures—we’ll hear from his trusted robot sidekick Pixel, learn that even super-villains have moments of selflessness, and hear Marv’s own super-powered advice on being kind. From rising star Alex Falase-Koya, Marv and the Ultimate Superpower is fast-paced storytelling and adventure with vibrant illustrations— perfect for all young superheroes!”


  • Dinosaur Club: On the Trail of the T.rex by Rex Stone (Jane Clarke), illustrated by Louise Forshaw, published by DK

Travel back in time and explore the prehistoric world with this special World Book Day edition of the thrilling Dinosaur Club series.


Jamie and Tess are members of Dinosaur Club – a network of kids around the world who share dinosaur knowledge, help identify fossils, and talk about all things prehistoric.


One day, while exploring their home of Ammonite Bay, Jamie and Tess discover a secret cave with fossils all over the walls. They go through a tunnel at the back and discover some dinosaur footprints. When they walk along them, the two friends find themselves back in the time of the dinosaurs! It’s amazing, but dangerous, too – they’ll definitely need help from Dinosaur Club…


In Dinosaur Club: On the Trail of a T. rex, Jamie and Tess come face-to-face with the king of the dinosaurs – the fearsome T. rex! Do you have what it takes to join the club?



  • The Amazing Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission by Rosie Jones, illustrated by Natalie Smillie, published by Hachette Children’s Group

Hi! I’m Edie Eckhart.


I’m a little bit different. I have a disability called cerebral palsy, so I talk slowly and fall over a lot. It’s never really bothered me because I’ve never known anything else.


It’s the start of Year Eight and there’s a new girl in Edie’s class from America! Edie can’t wait to get to know Mia and her twin brother, Benjamin. This is Thrilling with a capital T! Especially as Mrs Adler sits Mia next to Edie in class.


Mia has a hearing impairment and wears hearing aids. She seems shy and Edie knows how scary it can feel to join a new school. Maybe Edie can be the jam to Mia’s jelly? It’s time for… THE FRIEND MISSION!


  • Onyeka and the Secret Superhero by Tọlá Okogwu, published by Simon & Schuster

A superpowered World Book Day story in the action-packed ONYEKA series from bestselling author Tọlá Okogwu. Perfect for 8+ fans of Percy Jackson, Marvel and DC!


Twelve-year-old Onyeka is enrolled at the Academy of the Sun, a school for superheroes called Solari. When she’s sent on a mission with her friends to investigate a series of freak weather incidents in a remote village, they aren’t expecting to find a top secret Solari with extraordinary superpowers. But is this new Solari friend or foe? There’s only one way for Onyeka to find out . . .


  • Loki: Tales of a Bad God by Louie Stowell, published by Walker

Behold! A collection of thrilling tales starring me, Loki, the most handsome and clever of all the gods in Asgard (and in my school). It has…

1) Terrifying epic tasks!

2) A Norse tale of Thor almost marrying a giant.

3) Me as a robot. Sort of.


  • Can You Get Jellyfish in Space? by Dr Sheila Kanani, illustrated by Liz Kay, published by Puffin
    You’ve probably heard of dogs in space. Maybe even chimpanzees. But jellyfish? Almost certainly not!

    Join Dr Sheila Kanani as she discovers a weird and wonderful cast of animals who have travelled into space, from Ham the chimpanzee to Félicette the cat, and the 60,000 jellyfish who have orbited the Earth (did you know you can also get jellyfish-shaped galaxies?). You’ll meet the microscopic creatures that can survive in the vacuum of space, and wonder – could aliens really exist?

This fantastical journey into the wild and surprising realms of space weaves together astronomy, physics and biology, and is sure to inspire space-obsessed and animal-loving kids everywhere.



  • Creepy Creations by Jennifer Killick, published by Farshore

Dread Wood High is a school like no other!


Angelo and his friends are used to battling horrifying creatures at school – giant spiders that fire poison darts, brain biting worms that burrow into your flesh and vampire birds that drink your blood! These terrifying beasts were brought to life by crazed caretakers-slash scientists, the Latchitts. And they aren’t finished yet . . .


In this exclusive World Book Day story, Angelo and the rest of Club Loser must venture deep into the tunnels underneath Dread Wood High to rescue their favourite teacher, Mr Canton. But more hideous creations live in the Latchitts’ old laboratories . . . and they’re hungry! Can Club Loser stop these creatures from escaping into the world and make it out of the tunnels in one piece? Read it and see, if you dare!


An epic, pulse-racing, nail-biting, sci-fi adventure, perfect for readers aged 9+.


  • The Doomsday Date by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, published by Usborne

On the day before the world is meant to end, Sanjeet dyes his hair pink… He’s determined not to die without ever having really lived, so he’s come up with the Doomsday List.


Ten things he needs to do before the sky comes crashing down.


Sola knows the world’s not going anywhere. But, as Sanjeet’s best friend, she’s decided to help him out. 


As the seconds tick down to midnight, Sanjeet will need all his courage – and Sola’s, to finish the list. Especially number ten. The one that scares him the most.


One night, two friends, and a list that will change everything… The world-ending love story that will give you fireworks, from the bestselling author of ACE OF SPADES, Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé.



  • Inis Mara by Tristan Rosenstock, illustrated by Mark Wickham and published by LeabhairCOMHAR

The people of Inis Mara had a lovely life and everyone was happy. But when ‘an Santóir’ becomes the leader, everything goes downhill and he ruins the beautiful island with dirty air. There is a brave girl on the island who inspires everyone to take a stand and Éabha decides to do her best to stop ‘an Santóir’.


This is a modern adventure story about climate change, the value of working with others, and the importance of the truth. Readers both young and old will enjoy and benefit from Éabha’s adventures as she tries to save her community from the crooked leader who is destroying the island. And the story reminds us over and over again that no man is an island.


“A topical, enjoyable and inspiring story … with messages that really affect the reader.”

– Anne-Marie Kelly, Director, Dublin UNESCO City Of Literature


Bhí saol breá ag muintir Inis Mara agus bhí gach duine sona sásta. Ach nuair a cheaptar an Santóir mar cheannaire, téann gach rud in olcas agus milleann sé an t-oileán álainn le haer salach. Tá cailín cróga ar an oileán a spreagann gach duine chun seasamh a thógáil agus beartaíonn Éabha a dícheall a dhéanamh chun an Santóir a stopadh.


Scéal comhaimseartha eachtraíochta atá anseo a bhaineann le cúrsaí athrú aeráide, leis an tábhacht a bhaineann le bheith ag comhoibriú le daoine eile, agus le tábhacht na fírinne. Bainfidh léitheoirí óga agus aosta taitneamh agus tairbhe as eachtraí Éabha agus í ag iarraidh a pobal a thabhairt slán ón gceannaire cam atá ag milleadh an oileáin. Agus meabhraíonn an scéal dúinn arís is arís eile gur ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine.


“Scéal tráthúil, taitneamhach agus spreagúil … le teachtaireachtaí a théann i bhfeidhm go mór ar an léitheoir.”


– Áine-Máire Ní Cheallaigh, Stiúrthóir, Baile Átha Cliath UNESCO Cathair Litríochta

  • The Curious Case of the Irish Yeti: Molly Malone and Bram Stoker by Alan Nolan, illustrated by Shane Cluskey and published by The O’Brien Press
    Dublin’s dogs are mysteriously disappearing! No guard dogs means thieves are running riot, and with no sheepdogs to herd the animals in Smithfield market, the city is overrun with sheep and goats … and even worse, Dublin’s cats are having an absolute field day! The dwindling doggy population is being blamed on a curious creature known as the Irish Yeti, a tall, terrifying shaggy beast with snow-white fur and red, glowing eyes.

    Bram Stoker, Molly Malone and the Sackville Street Spooks are fascinated by this mysterious monster, but when Molly’s own dog goes missing, the friends decide enough is enough – they have to go on the trail of the Yeti …

    Can Molly & Bram solve the mystery of the disappearing dogs?



  • The new Welsh-language £1 World Book Day book for the 2024 campaign will be announced in November 2023.

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