Trinity Sixth Form Academy wins Dynabook devices in BETT competition to revolutionise learning.

Trinity Sixth Form Academy is an education institution exclusively for Year 12 and 13 students, located in West Yorkshire, England. Rated as outstanding by Ofsted, the school offers a wide variety of A-level and BTEC courses, and while only two years old, is growing fast with 700 students already.


The need to innovate, adapt to the increasingly digital world, and ensure the best tools possible for students, has been a crunch point for Trinity Sixth Form Academy ever since the pandemic bought with it a new age of education. Hybrid learning revolutionised what students expect from their educational experience, and a want to align more closely with the technology they use in their everyday lives.


To help supercharge this digital transition, Trinity Sixth Form Academy won a competition for 30 Satellite Pro C40-G Dynabook devices following their attendance at BETT 2022, the world’s leading education technology show. Implementation of the laptops proved seamless and efficient, arriving within two months, and ready to plug and play in time for the new school year, without the need for any additional support.


The impact the devices delivered for student and staff collaboration was significant. The Satellite Pro C40-G devices came equipped with the full Microsoft 365 office suite, and opened new lines of digital communication across the school via the Teams collaboration tool. Assemblies and large group meetings are also now able to run entirely across Microsoft Teams, allowing students to log on anywhere and connect, with the option to record sessions so they can easily catch up as needed. 


Prior to the Dynabook devices, there were limited options to store documents electronically or via the cloud. Now with the Satellite Pro C40-G devices, everything, from saving and sharing is done over the cloud, removing the stress of students submitting their work in paper form. The ability to host electronically was cited as a key benefit by the students, who all have their own folder system set up on Microsoft Teams so they can save and share work with confidence. The ultra-fast charging capabilities also proved perfect for the increasingly mobile learning environment of the sixth form, enabling devices to remain powered all day long.


Following the success of the devices, Trinity Sixth Form Academy has achieved its aim of transitioning to digitally led, reliable education and is looking into additional devices from Dynabook. This will ensure all staff and students feel the benefits this fleet has had on the learning experience.


Oliver Alcock, Director of IT at Trinity Sixth Form Academy, said “We were delighted when we won the competition following our attendance at BETT. It is so important that we move with technological innovation to bolster the education of our students. The devices supplied by Dynabook enabled us to achieve this goal, and the feedback from our students has been overwhelming positive, who prefer using the Satellite Pro C40-G laptops for schoolwork over old ways of working as it enhances remote collaboration. The devices have been reliable, and we have seen first-hand how this technology is supporting our student body in their education, which is the number one priority for us.”


Dawn Henderson, Education Sales Lead at Dynabook Europe, said, “Dynabook’s attendance at BETT aims to promote how digital learning is the future of education, so we were very excited to take part in this competition, and give the opportunity to Trinity Sixth Form to experience the benefits of this technology first hand. This has proved to be a great success, as Trinity Sixth Form is looking to continue its work with us in the future, so we can bring our technology to more students and help enhance digital education.”