Time Capsule Video announces the launch of TCTV: a new streaming service made for teachers by teachers.


Time Capsule Video Ltd is a new Essex based company created by former EYFS and Primary teachers with 55 years experience. In the current high pressure world of teaching, we have created a subscription based streaming service (much like Netflix and Amazon) full of high quality, on demand television content to support Primary teachers, home educators and more. All content is written to match the current educational curriculum, is linked to DFE programmes of study and utilises detailed understanding of current educational philosophy in its presentation. 


The platform – accessible at www.tctv.education offers programming for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 with a particular focus initially on under resourced areas of the curriculum: including Maya Myths, Ancient Greeks, Geography and more. Over 2024/2025 we will be doubling the series available to cover British Values, and other key areas of the curriculum. 



Our aim at Time Capsule Video is to save every teacher at least half an hour a week when it comes to lesson planning – by providing a wealth of high quality, up to date (and appropriate) content easily at their fingertips. With current school budgets, we have also made it as affordable as possible. A year’s subscription to the platform, with access to all content is just £60 per class – or roughly £2 per student inc VAT. 


Husband and wife team Tim and Heidi Eagling (Company Directors) both hold  teaching and SENDCO qualifications, as well as experience as subject leads, senior management, teacher training mentors and Specialist Leaders of Education. They bring their combined 55 years into creating bespoke TV programmes that they wish they had had access to. Our programming aims to educate children by respecting them as learners, encouraging them to developing their understanding to a greater depth. As we understand that when this is achieved, life long learners will be created. 

The first episode of every series is available to watch for free: schools and educators can email admin@timecapsule.education to sign up.  TCTV offers programming for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Our service is:


To view TCTV, with access to the first episode of every series available for viewing use


www.tctv.education or email admin@timecapsule.education to discuss signing up.



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