Studytracks: Disrupting education at Bett 2017


  • Studytracks will make its Bett debut in the Futures area on Stand BFS50
  • Studytracks has been shortlisted for the Innovation in ICT and Secondary Digital Content awards
  • Ivor Novello Award winner and Studytracks founder, George Hammond-Hagan, will be speaking at Bett
  • Laura Ferreri, a neuroscientist from the University of Barcelona, will join George during the session to share her research on the link between music and memory


Studytracks, the innovative app for GCSE and A-Level students, plans to create some noise and disrupt education in the most positive way, when it makes its Bett debut in the exciting Futures area.

Created by Ivor Novello Award winner, George Hammond-Hagan, Studytracks merges music with study materials, using lyrics relating to a specific exam theme or topic. As the student listens to the music, these hooks become embedded in their memory – just like the lyrics of a song – so that when something triggers the hook (like a word or phase in an exam question), students are able to recall the information easily and effectively. It currently features over 500 songs within various GCSE and AS Level subject categories.

The edtech sector has certainly taken notice of this brand new company, as Studytracks has been shortlisted in two Bett Award categories: Secondary Digital Content and the coveted Innovation in ICT.

In addition, George will be speaking at Bett; his session, ‘How an Ivor Novello Award winner is hacking education’, will take place on Thursday 26 January at 1pm in Bett Futures.  During the session, George will explain how the idea for the app came about when his son was studying for his GCSEs. He’ll also explain the bedrock of Studytracks, looking into the science behind ‘earworms’ and how the theory can be effectively applied to education. He will be will be joined by neuroscientist from the University of Barcelona, Laura Ferreri, who will share the findings of her most recent research on music and memory.

Explaining why he’s looking forward to Bett, George said: “Within three weeks of launching, we had 10,000 active users and over 35,000 users a few months later. This figure is still rising at an unprecedented rate! It quickly became clear to us that we’d created something special, something students really ‘got’ and loved. They’ve seen their grades jump significantly after using it, and we have the testimonials to prove it. We’ve been in talks with a number of schools about Studytracks; as soon as we give teachers a demonstration, they’re hooked too! Studytracks really works, and with tens of thousands of teachers under one roof, Bett is the perfect place for us to show them how our app can really help their students to retain information, increase attainments, and improve exam results.”

For more information, pop by the Studytracks Stand BFS50, come along to George’s talk at Bett on Thursday 26 Jan at 1pm in Bett Futures, or visit