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Maynooth University is internationally recognised for its quality of research & scholarship, as well as the dedication and commitment to teaching its students. Part of the NUI and formally established as an autonomous university in 1997, Maynooth University traces its origins to the foundation of the Royal College of St. Patrick in 1795, drawing inspiration from a heritage that includes over 200 years of education and scholarship. Today, the University has over 11,000 students and 800 staff with extensive research facilities. Teaching is delivered by leading international researchers committed to providing a superior education and there is a strong student-centric, community ethos on campus.


The Challenge


As Maynooth University continued to expand, it required a high-quality audio visual technology solution. One which would provide superb image quality to enhance teaching on campus and deliver against heightened student expectations. There was need for a solution that required minimal maintenance and provided reliable performance, ensuring the continuity of service in terms of quality and costs, whilst reducing downtime which can disrupt valuable lesson time.


Following an exhaustive competitive procurement process, the University decided to partner with Sony via AV integrator Image Supply Systems Ltd. The selection criteria focused on a most economically advantageous tender (MEAT), based on award criteria that included both performance specifications and price. Sony demonstrated a strong understanding of the higher education sector’s needs, and was able to provide one point of contact for a range of solutions, with outstanding, focused customer support, criteria particularly important for the University.


The Sony solution

Sony_Maynooth Uni case study 1

Maynooth University selected Sony’s high quality solution to provide students and staff with reliable technology and strong support throughout the installation process and beyond. As part of this, the University installed 45 x Sony 3LCD VPL-FHZ55 laser projectors, 2 x Sony 3LCD VPL-FHZ57 laser projectors and 31 x Sony 60” and 48” BRAVIA Professional Displays. The majority of the products were placed in the new state of the art “Eolas” building, housing the technical, research and computer science departments. Additional projectors and displays were installed throughout the campus within other teaching spaces and meeting rooms.


Why Sony was selected


Andrew Moloney, Campus Services at Maynooth University, commented on the solution selected: “It was vital that we find a solution that delivered a high-quality, reliable and continuous user experience. Sony has proven itself both reliable and flexible, offering excellent quality solutions to improve our teaching venues. We also wanted the projectors and displays to produce a solid image with good colour rendition and they haven’t disappointed at all. Sony’s proven high-quality, reliable track record and excellent customer service shone through and Sony provided an excellent, flexible quality of service.”


“With the Sony products installed, we have managed to achieve long-term cost savings as well as a great user experience for both of our students as well as the teachers. We look forward to seeing how we can further develop our technological capabilities in the future.”


The University installed 45 x VPL-FHZ55 projectors, which was the world’s first 3LCD laser projector, delivering game-changing performance and reliability in mission-critical installation applications, including educational institutions. The impeccable image quality, producing bright, detail-packed WUXGA images with a resolution higher than Full HD was a deciding factor for the AV team when choosing this type of laser technology. The environmentally-friendly laser light source is teamed with 3LCD BrightEra™ technology and the users notice the difference with superb image quality at 4000 lumen brightness, plus exceptional contrast and consistent colour stability.

Sony_Maynooth Uni case study 2

The VPL-FHZ57 projector is the successor of the VPL-FHZ55, delivering enhanced laser technology from Sony. So far the University has installed two of these projectors and plans to invest further in the technology in future. Teamed with the company’s BrightEra 3LCD projection engine, the advanced Z-Phosphor laser light source ensures crisp clear WUXGA resolution images with a generous 4,100 lumens brightness and rich, stable colours. The constant brightness mode maintains the same on-screen light levels throughout the laser source’s extra-long lifespan.


The BRAVIA Professional Displays installed also have a range of energy-efficient features built in, such as Dynamic Backlight Control and Frame Dimming. In addition, they are competitively-priced, slim, and deliver stunning Full HD LED images, making them the smart way to make a point in classrooms and meeting spaces around the campus. They were easy to install, with plentiful connections and Wi-Fi networking on board, plus simple screen mirroring for smartphones or tablets that is an invaluable tool for teachers to make their classes more interactive. The displays include USB playback, IP control, RS232C control (with optional accessory CBX-H11/1), and support for simple box-free HTML5 digital signage which is used throughout the campus.


Results to date


Enhancing the teaching experience at Maynooth University, Sony’s AV solutions have delivered outstanding image quality and visual impact, providing students, staff and visitors with an experience they won’t forget. The reliability of the solution means that the institution requires a fraction of the support from the AV team post-installation. The dramatically reduced maintenance requirements are complemented by a range of energy-saving features in both the projectors as well as the BRAVIA displays, significantly driving down total lifetime ownership costs.


The projectors fit seamlessly into the environment, offering exceptional brightness, zoom and throw range, coupled with wide lens shift range, meaning they can perform where other projectors would struggle – even in high ambient light.


In addition to improving the reliability and quality of the teaching venues, long-term cost saving was an important factor for the University. The laser projectors require virtually zero maintenance operation for up to 20,000 hours[1] without the worry of sudden lamp failure. The automated filter system cuts the hassle of regular dust cleaning and the range of energy-saving features future proof Maynooth University’s investment, significantly driving down total lifetime ownership costs.


Feedback on the reliability and picture quality has lived up to Maynooth’s expectations and this quality is something that every Sony customer can expect.


Product list


[1] Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.