Stand Back Rishi Sunak! ‘Make Me The Next UK Children’s Parliament Prime Minister’ Search Is On Across UK Primary Schools

#Incumbent Interim Child PM, Harry Acheampong, Conducts Own Election For His Replacement – Because He’s Gone To Secondary School

Harry Acheampong, the prodigious 11-year-old interim UK Children’s Parliament Prime Minister, has blazed a trail of unprecedented accomplishments during his tenure, pushing boundaries and sparking change across the nation. The Children’s Parliament, named after the late Sir David Amess, who co-founded it, is supported by Wakelet and Microsoft 365.

Now, as Harry embarks on his next educational chapter in secondary school, he is rallying young minds across the UK in a quest to find his successor through an ambitious election campaign: ‘The Next Interim UK Children’s Parliament Minister.’

Eager young minds between the ages of 7 and 11 are encouraged to partake in this groundbreaking election by submitting a 60-second video selfie to, showcasing their aspirations and vision for a better tomorrow. The torchbearer for the next generation of young leaders will be carefully selected from the pool of visionary applicants

In a remarkable journey as the Interim UK Children’s Parliament Prime Minister throughout 2023, Harry has left an indelible mark on the national and global stage. Harry’s maiden venture involved addressing the United Nations on World Water Day, where he championed Football for Peace’s initiative to ‘Rehydrate The Earth’ through the beautiful game. His collaborations with diverse entities, such as the Mesut Ozil Football for Peace Centre, Football Association, and Bradford University, demonstrated his unyielding dedication to transformative cause.

From the hallowed grounds of Wembley Football Stadium to the halls of the House of Lords, Harry showcased an exemplary level of leadership and acumen beyond his years. His voice reverberated across significant platforms, including the House of Lords and the Institute of Directors, addressing pertinent issues such as artificial intelligence, metaverse development, financial literacy, and sustainable initiatives.

Harry’s commitment to global causes is showcased through his collaboration with Mary Fellowes in tackling Ghana’s textile crisis, epitomising his determination to drive positive change across borders. Furthermore, Harry’s advocacy for clean water solutions in Kenya and Ghana emphasises his relentless pursuit of a healthier, sustainable world for all.

In the spirit of continued progress and the nurturing of future leaders, Harry Acheampong has set the stage for a special football match on December 13, 2023. This event, made possible with the unwavering support of Wakelet and Microsoft 365, promises to be an inspirational celebration of unity and youthful vigour.

The resilience, vision, and passion Harry Acheampong displayed throughout his tenure as the Interim UK Children’s Parliament Prime Minister serve as a beacon for the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. It is with great anticipation and excitement that the nation awaits the election of ‘The Next Interim UK Children’s Parliament Minister’ to continue the legacy of remarkable leadership.