One million children across England have benefitted from access to arts and culture through Artsmark


Since re-launching in October 2015, Artsmark has now reached one million pupils through over 2,500 schools across England.

Artsmark is the Arts Council’s flagship award for schools. Re-launched in 2015 with a simplified structure, Artsmark champions arts and culture in a growing network of schools across England. The award supports teachers to plan, develop and evaluate high quality arts and cultural education within a broad and balanced curriculum.

Arts and culture have been shown to build confidence, resilience and drive that helps children grow into happy, articulate and succesful young people. Through the award, schools can also provide evidence for how they meet the spiritual, moral, social and cultural requirements for Ofsted.


Darren Henley, Chief Executive of Arts Council England said:

‘This is fantastic news to start the new year with. Through the creative use of arts and culture, Artsmark is bringing learning to life for one million pupils all over England, right across the curriculum. We look forward to supporting even more schools in 2017, and watching the benefits of art and culture positively impact on children’s development.”

Appledore School in Devon has recently been awarded Artsmark Gold. Their Arts Coordinator, Kate Harvey, commented: “Our Artsmark journey has surpassed our expectations. Staff morale is high, we feel colleagues are on board more than ever before. The Arts ‘buzz’ has been infectious. Children, parents and members of the community are excited by all things arts.”