Lycamobile joins BBC campaign to support home schooling

  • Lycamobile will work alongside the BBC to provide SIM cards to school children across England, Wales, and Scotland through the charity Business2Schools
  • The collaboration is an extension of BBC’s successful ‘Give a Laptop’ campaign which saw thousands of laptops donated to school kids

As families across the country adjust to home schooling, increasing access to data has become a major priority.

Online educational resources, which often involve videos and dynamic content, can be costly if families do not have access to unlimited broadband or mobile data packages. For the nearly 2 million families that do not have access to any internet services, accessing these resources is impossible.

To ensure that no family is left behind, Lycamobile is donating SIM cards with 20GB of free data to families across England, Wales, and Scotland as part of a campaign led by the BBC. The SIM cards will be distributed by the charity Business2Schools to eligible families that need them most, ensuring that kids can continue their education.

Navanit Narayan, Group Chief Operating Officer of Lycamobile, said:

“Lycamobile is proud to work alongside the BBC and Business2Schools to increase access to data for families struggling to facilitate online learning. We are determined to support our customers and their families through the pandemic. It is our hope that, by donating these SIM cards, vulnerable children will be able to continue their education without their families having to worry about bills at the end of the month.”

Throughout the pandemic, we have maintained our committed to supporting our customers and their families through these difficult times. Last year Lycamobile launched a programme in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sports to give NHS heroes a free month of our Unlimited International Plan with an ongoing 20% discount thereafter; and earlier this year, we partnered with the Department for Education to deliver free data to families across England.

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