Locker manufacturer’s innovation helps schools navigate mobile phone headache


A locker manufacturer is helping schools navigate the mobile phone headache by launching an innovative storage solution.


Launched this month, Phone Safe by Locit is a wall-mounted steel locker with clear plastic doors and locks. The unique design features individual compartments accessible through a central door, making it easy for teachers or safeguarding staff to monitor and manage mobile phone storage.


The solution benefits pupils, parents, teachers and school managers by providing a secure and convenient storage option for mobile phones during school hours to enable distraction-free learning.


It could also help the UK Government rethink plans to ban mobile phones from classrooms, which have been prompted by widespread concerns that the devices are causing major disruption in schools.


Two prominent distributors from Hull and Coventry have swiftly embraced Phone Safe, placing orders for installation during the upcoming Easter Holidays.

Richard Williams, CEO of Locit, based in Deeside, said the design addressed concerns raised by educators and parents regarding the distraction and security risk posed by mobile phones in schools.


“We understand the challenges schools face in managing mobile phone usage among students,” Williams said. “These devices are no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity, allowing children to remain connected with parents and carers. They are safety devices for users that must always be carried.”


“Our solution provides a secure storage option and promotes a distraction-free learning environment, allowing teachers to focus on delivering quality education.


“Furthermore, the new lockers will address the loss and theft of expensive mobile phones and other personal devices that students carry to school.”


The new locker designs come in nests of 3, 4, and 5, catering to classrooms of 24, 32, and 40 students in one place. The 10mm clear door will allow students to see their devices being stored without the worry of them being tampered with and provide peace of mind that no one has access to their device and personal data.

The designs are adaptable and come in every colour to fit any room decor. Another key feature is that these lockers are customisable to have charging plug points, which are usually more sought after in a corporate setting.


Williams added: “We’ve developed several designs based on school feedback and requirements. Every student’s phone will remain safely stored throughout the day. This eliminates the stress and distractions associated with mobile phones in classrooms while offering peace of mind to both students and parents.”


Williams believes the Phone Safe solution goes beyond the education sector.    

“We envision Phone Safe as a versatile solution that can address similar challenges in various settings, including corporate offices and factories,” Williams said.


Locit is a PAS 2060 verified manufacturer, the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality published by the British Standards Institution (BSI).