Half of students predict online tracking of study habits would result in higher grades


Almost half of university students (47%) predict they would achieve better grades if their lecturers were able to track their study habits and progress throughout the academic year, according to new research.


The University of the Future report by digital learning platform, Kortext, reveals that 91% of students are happy for universities to use analytics to track their weekly progress if it helps them to achieve better grades.


Three quarters (76%) of those who took part in the research also said they believe that closer monitoring of study habits, such as whether students are reading core texts, would result in fewer students dropping-out of university.


As part of the study, Kortext asked 1,000 current and former students about their university experience.


The majority (92%) said universities should use technology to make it easier for students with additional learning needs to access textbooks and other course materials. Furthermore, 60% believed their academic performance would improve if they had access to their textbooks and other course materials online.


James Gray, founder and CEO of Kortext, said: “The majority of students at universities today are used to their data being used to track everything from their health to their shopping habits and entertainment. Universities have access to data which can be used to track their students’ performance, as well as wider learning trends. Our research shows that students want universities to use analytics to help them achieve better grades.


“Going to university is a big financial commitment, so it’s understandable that students are driven to get the best results and best value from their course.


“Technology can enable lecturers to support students through their learning and help to spot anyone who may be struggling with their studies before they reach the point of failing exams or even dropping-out.”


Kortext is the UK’s leading provider of digital textbook and learning solutions and is currently working with more than 40 universities to provide a comprehensive digital learning platform which gives students access to the textbooks they need anytime, anywhere and on any device.


For more information and to read the University of the Future report please visit: www.kortext.com/kortext-news/kortext-university-of-the-future