New website launched to help schools link with parents more effectively


12 January 2017: EES for Schools has today announced the release of its new home-school communications website, Target Tracker Link. The addition complements the existing Target Tracker software that is used by more than one in four primary schools across the UK, as well as the recently released Target Tracker app for iOS.

Teachers are able to create pupil observation reports using Target Tracker while in the classroom using the desktop software, or on-the-go using the app. Once these have been completed and marked as suitable for parents in Target Tracker, the built-in review process in Link means that observations can be quality-checked before making them available to parents. It is also possible to grant access to other family members as well as parents, enhancing the network of people interested in the child’s education.

Schools can customise the way in which parents see observations, including school branding and logos, and they can notify parents by email once new observations have been made available. The software reduces the need for multiple systems, and numerous observations can be made available at once. The website is accessible across a range of devices so that no matter where parents are, they can view the details of their child’s progress at their convenience.

Chris Smith, Head of Target Tracker at EES for Schools, said: “The lives of both teachers and parents are becoming increasingly busy and they are on the move more often than not. We hope Link will provide a flexible and versatile connection between home and school, to ensure that all parents are kept informed of their child’s progress, and in turn, help the child to feel better supported in their learning. We also want to reduce the workload of teachers by streamlining the evidencing progress and getting parents on-board throughout the year to ensure that all of their pupils are developing well both in and out of the classroom.”

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